01170243-a 'having or indicating good health in body or mind';
Catalan sa , salubre , rubicund , saludable
Greek υγιής
English healthy15 ( )
Finnish terve
French sain
Galician saudable , san , saudábel
Croatian zdrav
Indonesian waras , subur , segar , afiat
Italian sano
Japanese 達者 , 壮健 , 健康 , 健勝 , 健全 , 元気
Polish zdrowy
Portuguese salubre , saudável , são
Romanian sănătos
Slovene zdrav
Spanish sano
Thai ที่สุขภาพดี
Malaysian afiat , waras , subur , sihat , segar
che è in buona salute
体または心の健康を持つか、示すさま; 虚弱または病気から解放されている ― ばら色の健康な赤ん坊; 元気健康でいる
Care se bucură de sănătate deplină, care nu suferă de nici o boală sau infirmitate
αυτός του οποίου ο οργανισμός λειτουργεί αρμονικά και ομαλά, που η φυσική του κατάσταση είναι πολύ καλή
having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease ― a rosy healthy baby; staying fit and healthy
See also: fit robust well wholesome
Attributes: health
Similar to: anicteric bouncing firm flushed good hale hearty hearty rock-loving rubicund sun-loving water-loving well-preserved wholesome
Antonym: unhealthy
Semantic Field: alla
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