01045963-a 'characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation';
Catalan col·loquial , familiar
English colloquial1 , conversational1 ()
Finnish arkikielinen , puhekielinen
French parlé , familier
Indonesian perbualan
Japanese 会話形
Polish konwersacyjny
Portuguese coloquial , familiar
Chinese (traditional) 口語
Slovene pogovorna , pogovorni , pogovorno , konverzacijski , pogovoren
Spanish coloquial , familiar
Thai ที่เป็นภาษาพูด
Malaysian perbualan
非公式の話し言葉または会話の特徴 ― 彼女の手紙を口語体で書いた; 会話英語の崩れている構文とカジュアルな発音
characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation ― wrote her letters in a colloquial style; the broken syntax and casual enunciation of conversational English
Similar to: informal
Semantic Field: alla
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