00889831-a 'having the same quantity, value, or measure as another';
Arabic مُعادِل , مُساو , مُماثِل , مُتكافِئ
Catalan igual
English equal31 ( )
Farsi مساوی
Finnish tasavertainen , tasa-arvoinen
French égal
Galician igual
Hebrew שָׁוֶה
Croatian jednak
Indonesian sebanding
Italian uguale
Japanese 均しい , 同じい , 斉しい , 平等 , イコール , 等しい , 同様 , 同等 , 同じ
Polish równorzędny , równoległy , współrzędny
Portuguese igual , parelho , análogo , idêntico
Chinese (traditional) 一致 , 對等 , 一律 , 同等
Romanian egal
Slovene enak , enakovreden
Spanish igual
Thai ที่เท่าเทียมกัน
Malaysian setanding , sebanding
もう一方と同じ量、価値、または測定値であるさま ― 等しい条件で; すべての人は法律の前に等しい
Care este la fel cu altul într-o anumită privință
having the same quantity, value, or measure as another ― on equal terms; all men are equal before the law
See also: commensurate comparable same
Attributes: equality
Similar to: close coequal coordinate equidistant equilateral equivalent even half-and-half isochronal isoclinal isometric isothermal quits tied
Antonym: unequal
Semantic Field: alla
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SUMO: = equal

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