00109151-r 'in or at that place';
English there181 () , at that place , in that location
Finnish siellä
French par-là , voici , , là-bas
Hebrew שָׁם , שָׁמָּה
Croatian tamo
Indonesian di sana , situ , ada , di situ
Japanese あそこで , そこに
Portuguese eis aqui , acolá , eis ali , eis , ali , eis aí
Romanian acolo
Slovene tam
Spanish en ese lugar , en ese sitio , allí
Thai ที่นั่น
Malaysian di sana , ke situ , situ , ada , ke sana , di situ
その場所で ― 彼らは長年そこに住んでいる; それはそこにない; そこのその人
În acel loc (relativ) îndepărtat (de cel care vorbește)
in or at that place ― they have lived there for years; it's not there; that man there
Antonym: here
Semantic Field: allr
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