00100267-r 'later than usual or than expected';
English late16 () , belatedly () , tardily ()
Finnish myöhässä , myöhään
French tardivement , tard
Croatian kasno
Indonesian lewat , terlambat , lambat
Italian tardi
Japanese 遅く , 遅れて
Romanian târziu
Thai สาย , อย่างล่าช้า
Malaysian lewat , terlambat , lambat
通常または予測されるより遅く ― 列車は遅れて来た; 私たちは、遅く、目覚めた; 子供たちは学校に遅れて来た; 通知があまりに遅れたので、私達はもう少しで締め切りに間に合わないところだった; 私は、遅ればせながら彼女の幸せな誕生日を祈った
după trecerea unui anumit timp, după ce a trecut momentul potrivit sau timpul dinainte stabilit.
later than usual or than expected ― the train arrived late; we awoke late; the children came late to school; notice came so tardily that we almost missed the deadline; I belatedly wished her a happy birthday
Antonym: early
Semantic Field: allr
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