00095320-r 'spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position';
English down98 () , downward2 () , downwards () , downwardly ()
Finnish alas , alaspäin
French en bas , bas
Croatian dolje
Indonesian menurun , cengkeram
Italian ingiù , giù
Japanese 下に , 下へ , 下向き , 下方へ
Lithuanian žemyn
Portuguese juso , de forma descendente , abaixo , para baixo
Chinese (traditional) 下面 , ,
Romanian înjos
Slovak zhora dole , smerom dole , skláňajúci sa dole , dole , nadol
Slovene navzdol , dol
Thai ลดต่ำลง
Malaysian menurun , ke bawah , cengkeram , rosak
空間的にまたは比喩的に高いレベルあるいは位置から低い位置へ ― 落ちない; リフトに乗って上に行き、スキーで滑り降りた; 価格は急速に下落した
spațial sau metaforic, de la o poziție mai înaltă spre alta mai joasă
spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position ― don't fall down; rode the lift up and skied down; prices plunged downward
Antonym: up up up up
Semantic Field: allr
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