00023854-a 'characterized by errors';
Catalan defectuós
English faulty ( ) , incorrect , wrong
Farsi معیوب
Finnish virheellinen , väärä
Indonesian cacat , salah , silap
Japanese 不正確
Portuguese equivocado , errado
Romanian eronat , inexact , greșit , incorect
Slovene nepravilen , napačen , pogrešen , netočen , hiben
Thai ซึ่งมีข้อผิดพลาด
Malaysian cacat , rosak , salah , silap
誤りで特徴づけられる; 規範に一致しないまたは決まりに従わない ― 彼は障害報告書を提出した; 不正確な転写; 誤った道の方向
caracterizat de erori
characterized by errors; not agreeing with a model or not following established rules ― he submitted a faulty report; an incorrect transcription; the wrong side of the road
Similar to: inaccurate
Semantic Field: alla
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