Open Multilingual Wordnet

This page provides access to wordnets in a variety of languages, all linked to the Princeton Wordnet of English (PWN). The goal is to make it easy to use wordnets in multiple languages. The individual wordnets have been made by many different projects and vary greatly in size and accuracy. This page has (i) extracted and normalized the data, (ii) linked to it Princeton WordNet 3.0 and (iii) put it in one place. This page only includes those with a license that allows redistribution. There is a fuller list at the Global Wordnet Association's Wordnets in the World page.

If you use these wordnets, please cite the original projects who created them (linked in Table 1), if you got value from this aggregation, please cite Bond and Paik (2012).

We have an extended version with automatically extracted data for over a 150 languages from Wiktionary and the ‎Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (Bond and Foster, 2013).

Documentation, News and Updates


We have a simple search interface (search the extended wordnet). It uses the SQL database originally developed by the Japanese Wordnet.

Available Wordnets
Wordnet Lang Synsets Words Senses Core Licence Data Citation
Albanet als 4,676 5,990 9,602 31% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:als; (.bib)
Arabic WordNet (AWN) arb 10,165 14,595 21,751 48% CC BY SA 3.0 (+xml) cite:arb; (.bib)
BulTreeBank Wordnet (BTB-WN) bul 4,999 6,783 9,056 100% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:bul; (.bib)
Chinese Open Wordnet cmn 42,312 61,533 79,809 100% wordnet (+xml) cite:cmn; (.bib)
Chinese Wordnet (Taiwan) qcn 4,913 3,206 8,069 28% wordnet (+xml) cite:qcn; (.bib)
DanNet dan 4,476 4,468 5,859 81% wordnet (+xml) cite:dan; (.bib)
Greek Wordnet ell 18,049 18,227 24,106 57% Apache 2.0 (+xml) cite:ell; (.bib)
Princeton WordNet eng 117,659 148,730 206,978 100% wordnet (+xml) cite:eng; (.bib)
Persian Wordnet fas 17,759 17,560 30,461 41% Free to use (+xml) cite:fas; (.bib)
FinnWordNet fin 116,763 129,839 189,227 100% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:fin; (.bib)
WOLF (Wordnet Libre du Français) fra 59,091 55,373 102,671 92% CeCILL-C (+xml) cite:fra; (.bib)
Hebrew Wordnet heb 5,448 5,325 6,872 27% wordnet (+xml) cite:heb; (.bib)
MultiWordNet ita 34,728 40,343 61,558 83% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:ita; (.bib)
Japanese Wordnet jpn 57,184 91,964 158,069 95% wordnet (+xml) cite:jpn; (.bib)
Multilingual Central Repository cat 45,826 46,531 70,622 81% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:cat; (.bib)
Multilingual Central Repository eus 29,413 26,240 48,934 71% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:eus; (.bib)
Multilingual Central Repository glg 19,312 23,124 27,138 36% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:glg; (.bib)
Multilingual Central Repository spa 38,512 36,681 57,764 76% CC BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:spa; (.bib)
Wordnet Bahasa ind 51,822 65,076 142,854 99% MIT (+xml) cite:ind; (.bib)
Wordnet Bahasa zsm 42,679 51,481 119,529 99% MIT (+xml) cite:zsm; (.bib)
Norwegian Wordnet nno 3,671 3,387 4,762 66% wordnet (+xml) cite:nno; (.bib)
Norwegian Wordnet nob 4,455 4,186 5,586 81% wordnet (+xml) cite:nob; (.bib)
plWordNet pol 28,757 39,146 44,970 49% wordnet (+xml) cite:pol; (.bib)
OpenWN-PT por 43,895 54,071 74,012 84% CC BY-SA (+xml) cite:por; (.bib)
sloWNet slv 42,583 40,233 70,947 86% CC BY SA 3.0 (+xml) cite:slv; (.bib)
Swedish (SALDO) swe 6,796 5,824 6,904 99% CC-BY 3.0 (+xml) cite:swe; (.bib)
Thai Wordnet tha 73,350 82,504 95,517 81% wordnet (+xml) cite:tha; (.bib)

42 synsets shared from 117,673 (0%)

Language codes linked to Lewis, M. Paul (ed.), 2009. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth edition. Dallas, Tex.: SIL International. Online version:

Data has, for each language, the script to make the tab file, the tab file, the wordnet LMF file and the LICENSE file. You can also get this with wordnet-LMF and lemon-rdf encoded files (+xml). If you want all the languages in one file, it is here: data for all of the wordnets, data for all of the wordnets with wordnet-LMF and lemon-rdf (big file).

Core refers to the percentage of synsets covered from the semi-automatically compiled list of 5000 "core" word senses in Princeton WordNet (approximately the 5000 most frequently used word senses). They are marked with ✪ in the interface. The original list is here from (Boyd-Graber et al., 2008). Our version (converted to wn30 synsets).

The wordnets are linked to the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology (Sumo: Niles and Pease, 2001; Pease, 2011); the TempoWordNet (Dias et al., 2014); the Multilingual, layered sentiment lexicons (ML-SentiCon: Cruz et al., 2014); and SentiWordNet3.0 (Baccianella et al., 2010).

The fullest list of wordnets is the Global Wordnet Association's Wordnets in the World.

Mapping between wordnet versions was done using the mappings from TALP at UPC (Daudé et al. 2000).


Tab files

The wn-data-*.tab files are tab separated files of synset-lemma pairs.

  # name␉lang␉url␉license
name the name of the project
lang the iso 3 letter code for the name
url the url of the project
license a short name for the license
offset the Princeton WordNet 3.0 offset 8 digit offset
pos one of [a,v,n,r] (we treat 's' as 'a')
lemma the lemma (word separator normalized to ' ')


# Thai	tha	wordnet 
13567960-n	tha:lemma	กระบวนการทรานแอมมิแนชัน
00155298-n	tha:lemma	การปฏิเสธ
14369530-n	tha:lemma	ภาวะการหายใจเร็วของทารกแรกเกิด
10850469-n	tha:lemma	เบธัน
11268326-n	tha:lemma	เรินต์เกน

For this data to be really useful you need to combine it with the synset relations from the Princeton wordnet.

Wordnet LMF Files

Wordnet-LMF format files are made by combining the tab files with the Princeton wordnet. Note: individual wordnet projects may have better versions of the wordnet LMF files.

Known Problems


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Contributors: Francis Bond, Lars Nygaard, Adam Pease, John McRae, Luís Morgado da Costa and all the wordnet projects.

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