ili ID Definition and Source
i117660 “a traditional Chinese idiomatic expression, normally consisting of four characters” (wnja-1.2:70100000-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117661 “cannot be reported;; nothing to say” (wnja-1.2:70100003-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117662 “(regarding creative arts) finish in one sitting;; highly efficient planning, such that a task is quickly completed” (wnja-1.2:70100008-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117663 “intense anger, as though one had become a raging thunderstorm” (wnja-1.2:70100009-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117664 “the primary emotions (lit: love, anger, sorrow, joy)” (wnja-1.2:70100010-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117665 “have an awareness of how things are (lit: heart within have awareness)” (wnja-1.2:70100011-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117666 “an endlessly vast and dark night” (wnja-1.2:70100012-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117667 “tremble with fear (lit: not cold, but still trembling)” (wnja-1.2:70100018-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117668 “to have everyone's focus (lit: raise world focus attention)” (wnja-1.2:70100019-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117669 “slowly and methodically;; sluggishly and unhurriedly” (wnja-1.2:70100022-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117670 “to give one's best effort (lit: use all one's power to do something)” (wnja-1.2:70100026-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117671 “preeminent (lit: the highest and no higher)” (wnja-1.2:70100027-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117672 “main player(s) of an event (lit: wind-cloud persona)” (wnja-1.2:70100031-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117673 “acting out of order due to illusory superiority” (wnja-1.2:70100035-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117674 “to work in union with someone (lit: same heart cooperation)” (wnja-1.2:70100038-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117675 “necessary action or experience (lit: a road that must be encountered)” (wnja-1.2:70100039-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117676 “strong and mighty (lit: strength that is large and boundless)” (wnja-1.2:70100043-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117677 “exactly the same (lit: one mold one shape)” (wnja-1.2:70100056-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117678 “to work blindly, without regard or reference to facts of the world (lit: to build a chariot behind closed doors)” (wnja-1.2:70100057-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117679 “highly talented; gifted (lit: heaven-endowed rarity)” (wnja-1.2:70100065-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117680 “infallible, foolproof (lit: in ten thousand, not a single mistake)” (wnja-1.2:70100066-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117681 “a bizarre rarity (lit: strange and bizarre)” (wnja-1.2:70100068-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117682 “skillful; adept; adroit (lit: swim/handle knife with ease)” (wnja-1.2:70100069-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117683 “as the name suggests (lit: look at the name think the meaning)” (wnja-1.2:70100070-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117684 “to spare no effort (lit: to use whole strength)” (wnja-1.2:70100072-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117685 “effective (lit: it has been proven to be effective)” (wnja-1.2:70100073-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117686 “heavy traffic (lit: car water, horse dragons)” (wnja-1.2:70100077-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117687 “have groundless worries or anxieties (lit: like the man of Qi, worrying the sky will fall)” (wnja-1.2:70100081-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117688 “completely incompatible (lit: water and fire are incompatible)” (wnja-1.2:70100082-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117689 “proud of one's successes (lit: completely satisfied with oneself)” (wnja-1.2:70100083-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117690 “show special preference for (lit: feelings have a single clock)” (wnja-1.2:70100090-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117691 “to feel helpless (lit: to not able to do anything)” (wnja-1.2:70100107-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117692 “all around; everywhere (lit: four sides eight directions)” (wnja-1.2:70100115-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117693 “the most urgent matter of the moment” (wnja-1.2:70100135-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117694 “vicious circle (lit: bad nature circles)” (wnja-1.2:70100155-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117695 “let nature take its course (lit: at nature's discretion)” (wnja-1.2:70100185-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117696 “to overcomplicate matters, usually out of deceit (lit: deliberately make mysterious)” (wnja-1.2:70100205-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117697 “whereabouts are unknown (lit: location unclear)” (wnja-1.2:70100240-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117698 “standing out (lit: crane standing in a flock of chickens)” (wnja-1.2:70100281-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117699 “unique (lit: only one no second)” (wnja-1.2:70100303-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117700 “practice what one preaches (lit: body strength action)” (wnja-1.2:70100309-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117701 “everywhere (lit: big street and small alley)” (wnja-1.2:70100315-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117702 “colorful and with good variety (lit: five lights and ten colors)” (wnja-1.2:70100318-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117703 “antique; vintage (lit: old color old smell)” (wnja-1.2:70100324-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117704 “completely focused on something (lit: all of one’s spirit concentrating)” (wnja-1.2:70100339-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117705 “attract attention (lit: attract people to look)” (wnja-1.2:70100340-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117706 “haggle (lit: to chase a bargain on top of another bargain)” (wnja-1.2:70100343-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117707 “to think of every possible way (lit: think and plan possible ways)” (wnja-1.2:70100398-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117708 “follow in proper sequence (lit: sequence gradually forward)” (wnja-1.2:70100399-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117709 “passed on through generations (lit: every generation passed on)” (wnja-1.2:70100417-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117710 “have a high level of understanding (lit: understand like pointing to (something in) your hand)” (wnja-1.2:70100436-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117711 “as a matter of course (lit: reason should be this)” (wnja-1.2:70100440-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117712 “day-by-day (lit: day repeat one day)” (wnja-1.2:70100451-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117713 “inevitable (lit: be at somewhere hard to evade)” (wnja-1.2:70100453-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117714 “extremely uneasy (lit: a worried, anxious heart)” (wnja-1.2:70100455-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117715 “natural, logical (lit: govern personal things like writing an essay)” (wnja-1.2:70100465-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117716 “firm and steadfast; steady and unwavering” (wnja-1.2:70100489-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117717 “feel refreshed with wisdom (lit: oils pour on head (historical Buddhist ritual))” (wnja-1.2:70100495-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117718 “to compare two different things as though they are similar (lit: compare two things using equal lengths)” (wnja-1.2:70100500-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117719 “not at all surprising (lit: not enough to be considered a curiosity)” (wnja-1.2:70100515-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117720 “turbulent (lit: moving and swaying without rest)” (wnja-1.2:70100562-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117721 “put in all effort (lit: encounter with full power)” (wnja-1.2:70100563-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117722 “no matter what (lit: no matter what or how)” (wnja-1.2:70100566-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117723 “a superb collection of beautiful things or talented people (lit: beautiful jade as far as the eyes can see)” (wnja-1.2:70100574-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117724 “thriving with enthusiasm or keen interest” (wnja-1.2:70100581-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117725 “have high effect or outstanding achievement (lit: outstanding success and effect)” (wnja-1.2:70100588-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117726 “deep-rooted (lit: roots deep stem strong)” (wnja-1.2:70100596-s; added 2016-12-01)
i117727 “by any possible means or solutions;; to use and think of everything possible solution (lit: thousand ways and hundred plans)” (wnja-1.2:70100598-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117728 “undoubtable, well-founded (lit: not easy to doubt)” (wnja-1.2:70100602-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117729 “to replace someone/something (lit: take and replace someone)” (wnja-1.2:70100608-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117730 “unexpected (lit: an accident happens)” (wnja-1.2:70100620-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117731 “all kinds (lit: every kind and every style)” (wnja-1.2:70100641-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117732 “prosperous and flourishing (usually used with countries)” (wnja-1.2:70100656-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117733 “numerous, such that when piled together it appears to be a mountain” (wnja-1.2:70100672-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117734 “make strides with one’s head held high” (wnja-1.2:70100702-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117735 “a prosperous time (lit: a harmonious and happy time, bustling with activity)” (wnja-1.2:70100703-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117736 “fundamental commonality (lit: a single penetrating consideration);; a single underlying commonality” (wnja-1.2:70100716-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117737 “things or situations that have never happened before (lit: do not have in the past)” (wnja-1.2:70100721-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117738 “think very hard about a problem (lit: squeeze brain juice to the utmost)” (wnja-1.2:70100722-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117739 “emerges at a precisely suitable time (lit: born precisely according to luck)” (wnja-1.2:70100734-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117740 “common (lit: not sufficient to be odd)” (wnja-1.2:70100735-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117741 “reputation is validated (lit: name as in reality)” (wnja-1.2:70100737-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117742 “dull; dim-witted (lit: dull head, dull mind)” (wnja-1.2:70100762-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117743 “rich in variety (lit: five flowers and eight doors (names of two military strategies involving many changes in appearance))” (wnja-1.2:70100781-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117744 “greatly desiring (lit: saliva hangs three feet)” (wnja-1.2:70100791-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117745 “rich and varied (lit: plentiful, many colours)” (wnja-1.2:70100795-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117746 “host for a party or banquet” (wnja-1.2:70100796-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117747 “to be the first (lit: first to raise the thumb)” (wnja-1.2:70100809-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117748 “obvious (lit: clear therefore easily seen)” (wnja-1.2:70100822-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117749 “patiently (lit: not tired of troublesome matters)” (wnja-1.2:70100823-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117750 “burgeoning (lit: many branches, flourishing leaves)” (wnja-1.2:70100839-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117751 “perfectly fulfilling (lit: finish as person intended)” (wnja-1.2:70100855-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117752 “to act as one without prior agreement” (wnja-1.2:70100862-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117753 “good quality at a cheap price (lit: beautiful object, cheap price)” (wnja-1.2:70100874-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117754 “contrast beautifully (lit: similarities and contrasts creating interest)” (wnja-1.2:70100878-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117755 “enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home, or be unwilling to” (wnja-1.2:70100880-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117756 “enjoy a hearty meal (lit: happily indulge the palate)” (wnja-1.2:70100888-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117757 “being unable to see the big things for the small (lit: one leaf blocking view)” (wnja-1.2:70100889-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117758 “collapse (lit: destroyed all of a sudden one day)” (wnja-1.2:70100939-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117759 “a large quantity (lit: to become a thousand and ten thousand)” (wnja-1.2:70100941-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117760 “to give up half way (lit: to stop half way)” (wnja-1.2:70100949-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117761 “common knowledge (lit: everyone knows)” (wnja-1.2:70101000-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117762 “brightness in the midst of darkness (lit: darkness in a willow grove, bright flowers)” (wnja-1.2:70101009-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117763 “immediate result (lit: make a bamboo stand and see the shadow)” (wnja-1.2:70101029-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117764 “unable to make up one's mind (lit: lift chess piece without certainty)” (wnja-1.2:70101031-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117765 “whole-heartedly (lit: all of one's heart and all of one's intentions)” (wnja-1.2:70101060-r; added 2016-12-01)
i117766 “mistaken by being too close (lit: present people confused)” (wnja-1.2:70101064-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117767 “dismiss with a laugh or a smile” (wnja-1.2:70101075-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117768 “ambitious (lit: hero's heart passionate)” (wnja-1.2:70101087-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117769 “things that everyone knows (lit: everyone knows)” (wnja-1.2:70101089-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117770 “to have everything one may wish to find” (wnja-1.2:70101116-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117771 “colorful (lit: many colors and many appearances)” (wnja-1.2:70101128-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117772 “the whole room burst into laughter (lit: the whole room laughs greatly)” (wnja-1.2:70101157-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117773 “to acclaim as perfection (lit: appreciation with a look)” (wnja-1.2:70101171-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117774 “to go bankrupt; become penniless (lit: overturn the family, sweep away wealth)” (wnja-1.2:70101176-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117775 “be overwhelmed by the sights (lit: eyes have no time to catch)” (wnja-1.2:70101206-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117776 “collect and amass various kinds of things” (wnja-1.2:70101215-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117777 “persistent and resolved in the face of danger and uncertainty (lit: struggle with bitterness and difficulty)” (wnja-1.2:70101225-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117778 “adapt methods to suit the current conditions” (wnja-1.2:70101226-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117779 “paradoxical; self-contradictory (lit: self-reciprocating spear and shield)” (wnja-1.2:70101227-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117780 “independent; not yielding to outside influences (lit: be one's sole owner)” (wnja-1.2:70101228-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117781 “self-reliant; to rely on one's own strengths” (wnja-1.2:70101230-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117782 “complicated; confusing (lit: nebulous, blurry)” (wnja-1.2:70101231-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117783 “unrelenting (lit: to maintain steadfast without slacking)” (wnja-1.2:70101233-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117784 “insufficient supply to meet demands” (wnja-1.2:70101234-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117785 “as a previously little-known subject, to amaze people with one sound” (wnja-1.2:70101235-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117786 “numerous families (lit: a thousand homes, ten thousand families)” (wnja-1.2:70101236-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117787 “an important role of a subject in a issue, such that any small action will affect all involved (lit: moving light and heavy)” (wnja-1.2:70101237-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117788 “be brave enough to carry out righteous actions (lit: see righteousness, be brave)” (wnja-1.2:70101238-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117789 “well-founded in history (lit: the source flows from afar and for a long distance)” (wnja-1.2:70101240-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117790 “engage in fraud or trickery (lit: to make fake, do imitations)” (wnja-1.2:70101241-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117791 “to engage in idle theories (lit: devising military strategies on paper)” (wnja-1.2:70101243-v; added 2016-12-01)
i117792 “constant, daily changes (lit: new in the day, different at night)” (wnja-1.2:70101244-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117793 “1st person, plural, formal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000003-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117794 “1st person, plural, informal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000004-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117795 “1st person, plural, objective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000005-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117796 “1st person, plural, possessive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000006-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117797 “1st person, plural, subjective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000007-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117798 “1st person, plural, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000008-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117799 “1st person, plural, masculine, informal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000009-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117800 “1st person, singular, formal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000011-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117801 “1st person, singular, formal, polite pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000012-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117802 “1st person, singular, formal, polite, honorific pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000013-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117803 “1st person, singular, objective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000014-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117804 “1st person, singular, subjective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000015-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117805 “1st person, singular, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000016-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117806 “1st person, singular, masculine, informal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000017-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117807 “1st person, singular, masculine, informal, archaic honorific pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000018-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117808 “2nd person, plural, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000020-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117809 “2nd person, singular, formal, polite pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000022-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117810 “2nd person, singular, informal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000023-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117811 “2nd person, singular, possessive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000024-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117812 “2nd person, singular, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000025-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117813 “2nd person, singular, reflexive, informal, non-honorific pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000026-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117814 “2nd person, singular, masculine, informal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000027-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117815 “3rd person, plural, objective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000030-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117816 “3rd person, plural, subjective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000031-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117817 “3rd person, plural, reciprocal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000033-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117818 “3rd person, plural, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000034-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117819 “3rd person, plural, feminine pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000035-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117820 “3rd person, plural, masculine pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000036-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117821 “3rd person, plural, neuter pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000037-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117822 “3rd person, singular, informal, non-honorific pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000038-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117823 “3rd person, singular, possessive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000039-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117824 “3rd person, singular, other pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000040-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117825 “3rd person, singular, feminine pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000041-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117826 “3rd person, singular, feminine, objective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000043-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117827 “3rd person, singular, feminine, subjective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000044-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117828 “3rd person, singular, feminine, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000045-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117829 “3rd person, singular, masculine pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000046-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117830 “3rd person, singular, masculine, informal, distal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000048-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117831 “3rd person, singular, masculine, objective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000049-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117832 “3rd person, singular, masculine, possessive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000050-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117833 “3rd person, singular, masculine, subjective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000051-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117834 “3rd person, singular, masculine, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000052-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117835 “3rd person, singular, neuter pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000053-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117836 “3rd person, singular, neuter, possessive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000054-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117837 “3rd person, singular, neuter, subjective pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000055-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117838 “3rd person, singular, neuter, reflexive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000056-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117839 “entity, dual, formal, distal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000070-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117840 “entity, dual, formal, medial pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000071-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117841 “entity, dual, formal, proximal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000072-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117842 “entity, dual, informal, proximal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000073-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117843 “entity, dual, elective existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000074-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117844 “entity, plural, assertive existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000077-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117845 “thing (object:), singular, assertive existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000092-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117846 “thing (object:), singular, elective existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000093-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117847 “thing (object:), singular, universal pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000094-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117848 “person, singular, elective existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000097-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117849 “time, singular, elective existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000106-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117850 “1st person, singular, possessive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000107-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117851 “entity, singular, elective existential pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000138-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117852 “1st person, plural, inclusive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000139-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117853 “1st person, plural, exclusive pronoun” (wnja-1.2:77000140-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117854 “not conferring or showing honor or respect” (wnja-1.2:77010000-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117855 “relating to or characteristic of a word referring to something at a medium distance” (wnja-1.2:77010001-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117856 “used of a word that refers to a group that includes the hearer;; inclusive” (wnja-1.2:77010005-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117857 “used of a word that refers to a group that excludes the hearer;; exclusive” (wnja-1.2:77010006-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117858 “a Peranakan dish of chicken with spices and Southeast Asian black nuts” (wnja-1.2:90000006-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117859 “a kind of Chinese barbecued pork;; normally red in color” (wnja-1.2:90000193-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117860 “Ethnic Chinese settled in Malay/Indonesia” (wnja-1.2:90000299-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117861 “Province that borders Guangdong in the north along the coast” (wnja-1.2:90000301-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117862 “Province that is situated in the southernmost of China” (wnja-1.2:90000302-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117863 “A neighbourhood in Singapore, known for its red light district” (wnja-1.2:90000303-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117864 “Parade that is held annually in celebration of the Chinese deities” (wnja-1.2:90000304-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117865 “Hindu festival celebrated on the fourteenth of January each year” (wnja-1.2:90000306-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117866 “State in the northern west coast of Malaysia” (wnja-1.2:90000307-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117867 “Southern Indian pancake made from rice batter and black lentils” (wnja-1.2:90000309-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117868 “Pangium edule, a tall tree native to mangrove swamps of Southeast Asia” (wnja-1.2:90000313-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117869 “A title for female Muslims who have made a pilgrimage to Mecca” (wnja-1.2:90000315-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117870 “Traditional Malay fruit and vegetable salad dish” (wnja-1.2:90000317-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117871 “Traditional dessert originating from South East Asia” (wnja-1.2:90000318-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117872 “Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai” (wnja-1.2:90000321-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117873 “Dance performed by Hindu devotees during the ceremonial worship of Muguran, the Tamil God of War” (wnja-1.2:90000322-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117874 “Yellow spicy chicken soup with rice cakes and/or noodles” (wnja-1.2:90000327-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117875 “Islamic celebration that marks the end of the fasting month” (wnja-1.2:90000328-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117876 “Islamic célébration to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim's sacrifice” (wnja-1.2:90000329-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117877 “Sweet potato cake that is shaped like a bomb” (wnja-1.2:90000330-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117878 “Fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk” (wnja-1.2:90000331-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117879 “Vegetable in coconut milk soup” (wnja-1.2:90000332-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117880 “Steamed white rice served with various meat and vegetable dishes” (wnja-1.2:90000333-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117881 “Noodle and dumpling served in hot soup” (wnja-1.2:90000335-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117882 “Noodle dish served in thick starchy gravy” (wnja-1.2:90000336-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117883 “One that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame” (wnja-1.2:90000402-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117884 “To participate in a jam session” (wnja-1.2:90000405-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117885 “Indian dish, a meal consisting of several small meat or vegetable dishes accompanied by rice, bread, etc., and sometimes by a starter or a sweet (” (wnja-1.2:90000410-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117886 “An Indian dish containing meat, fish, or vegetables and rice flavored with saffron or turmeric (” (wnja-1.2:90000411-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117887 “Noodles or a dish containing noodles (” (wnja-1.2:90000412-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117888 “A spring roll dish with a filling of bean sprouts and other ingredients commonly found in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore” (wnja-1.2:90000413-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117889 “Cooked by an Indian method of cooking meat or vegetables on a spit in a clay oven” (wnja-1.2:90000414-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117890 “A stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which is commonly found in Saudi Arabia (especially the Hejaz region), Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei. (” (wnja-1.2:90000416-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117891 “an Indonesian dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meats, often served with a peanut sauce” (wnja-1.2:90000418-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117892 “A person from a particular locality” (wnja-1.2:90000421-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117893 “a small boat shaped like a dragon originating from China; often used in races” (wnja-1.2:90000422-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117894 “Participants of a team paddling sport or boat race originating from China” (wnja-1.2:90000423-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117895 “a saying created by a group or organization” (wnja-1.2:90000425-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117896 “Making a crunching or cracking sound, as when chewed; crisp” (wnja-1.2:90000426-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117897 “Small enough to fit in the mouth or be eaten in one to two bites” (wnja-1.2:90000427-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117898 “the area next to the sea shore” (wnja-1.2:90000429-a; added 2016-12-01)
i117899 “Having or characterized by a usually flowing asymmetrical shape or outline (” (wnja-1.2:90000431-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117900 “With the roof or the top of the vehicle absent or left open” (wnja-1.2:90000436-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117901 “someone who follows fashion trends obsessively” (wnja-1.2:90000439-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117902 “an art exhibit where the relation of the parts to the whole is important to the interpretation of the piece” (wnja-1.2:90000441-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117903 “(Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Furniture) crockery, furniture, and furnishings with which a house, room, etc., is furnished (” (wnja-1.2:90000443-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117904 “an area, as along a busy street or highway, lined with a great number and variety of commercial establishments” (wnja-1.2:90000446-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117905 “A very thin flatbread made with lentil flour, often crisped by deep-frying or grilling” (wnja-1.2:90000448-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117906 “Found and affixed to one’s seat” (wnja-1.2:90000450-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117907 “A stringed instrument found in North Africa, the Middle East, parts of Europe, and the Far East; usually consists of a small, usually rounded body, a long thin neck with one, two or three strings and a pegbox at the end” (wnja-1.2:90000452-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117908 “eat lunch with someone along with holding important discussions” (wnja-1.2:90000453-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117909 “worth the amount of money paid for a product” (wnja-1.2:90000459-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117910 “Irresistible; compelled to take a sample of” (wnja-1.2:90000461-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117911 “Ceramic ware of a hard semifired waterproof ceramic clay material” (wnja-1.2:90000463-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117912 “A person considered to be excessively, and often pretentiously, interested in the arts (” (wnja-1.2:90000466-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117913 “A place that one has to go to or visit because of some aspect of it that makes it irresistible” (wnja-1.2:90000468-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117914 “Relating to traditional multi-course Japanese dinners” (wnja-1.2:90000470-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117915 “Immature soybeans in the pod commonly found in Japan; used in cooking” (wnja-1.2:90000471-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117916 “Relating to a well-crafted or put together composition or presentation of something” (wnja-1.2:90000472-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117917 “made prepared or suitable beforehand” (wnja-1.2:90000478-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117918 “The act of mixing together different elements” (wnja-1.2:90000479-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117919 “Something that is only done once or has happened only once” (wnja-1.2:90000484-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117920 “to perform (a play) again, especially on a stage” (wnja-1.2:90000485-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117921 “to be influenced by or take on the features of a large commercial business” (wnja-1.2:90000486-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117922 “actively working in, engaged in, or observing, especially a particular profession or religion” (wnja-1.2:90000489-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117923 “two years before this year” (wnja-1.2:90000500-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117924 “the year before this year” (wnja-1.2:90000501-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117925 “two weeks after this week” (wnja-1.2:90000509-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117926 “the day after the day after the day after tomorrow” (wnja-1.2:90000517-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117927 “the day after some fixed day” (wnja-1.2:90000523-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117928 “15th day of the 8th lunar month; the middle of autumn” (wnja-1.2:90000524-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117929 “the days that are to come after today” (wnja-1.2:90000526-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117930 “the spring season of last year” (wnja-1.2:90000527-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117931 “the spring season of this year” (wnja-1.2:90000528-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117932 “the spring season of next year” (wnja-1.2:90000529-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117933 “the summer season of last year” (wnja-1.2:90000530-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117934 “the summer season of this year” (wnja-1.2:90000531-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117935 “the summer season of next year” (wnja-1.2:90000532-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117936 “the autumn season of last year” (wnja-1.2:90000533-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117937 “the autumn season of this year” (wnja-1.2:90000566-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117938 “the autumn season of next year” (wnja-1.2:90000567-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117939 “the winter season of last year” (wnja-1.2:90000568-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117940 “the winter season of this year” (wnja-1.2:90000569-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117941 “the winter season of next year” (wnja-1.2:90000570-n; added 2016-12-01)
i117942 “Predatory fish, such as the perch, muskie , pike, walleye, and salmon, are fish that prey upon other fish or animals.” (odwn-1.3:103305141-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117943 “One of the most well known types of a ship lock, which enables to go from one water level to another.” (odwn-1.3:108946312-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117944 “A type of fountain, in general of small size, designed for birds, either for taking a bath or for drinking water.” (odwn-1.3:100869238-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117945 “A type of hut, usually situated in a forest area, that is used to either observe, photograph or hunt wild animals.” (odwn-1.3:107183907-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117946 “Atmospheric pressure, sometimes also called barometric pressure, is the pressure exerted by the weight of air in the atmosphere of Earth (or that of another planet)” (odwn-1.3:103627191-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117947 “An inflammation of the bone marrow, the flexible tissue in the interior of bones in the human body, often caused by blood poisining.” (odwn-1.3:109823576-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117948 “To beat someone by a large margin in any kind of activities with elements of competition such as sports, board games, and cards.” (odwn-1.3:109942098-v; added 2017-03-06)
i117949 “Either a difference in the competence level between two individuals or groups or the physical difference in height between two objects.” (odwn-1.3:109855151-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117950 “A labrador is a type of retriever-hun dog, popular in the United Kingdom and the United States and is often used to provide disability assistance.” (odwn-1.3:107263198-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117951 “A series of lectures, oral presentations intended to present information or teach people about a particular subject, at a university as part of a course.” (odwn-1.3:103166323-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117952 “The period, an amount of time, which is needed to prepare for a new project, for example to start a new company.” (odwn-1.3:102197061-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117953 “someone who gets cold easily” (odwn-1.3:104328483-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117954 “information about a flight” (odwn-1.3:103542406-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117955 “A station wagon, also called an estate car, estate wagon, or simply wagon or estate, is an automotive body-style variant of a sedan/saloon with its roof extended rearward[1] over a shared passenger/cargo volume with access at the back via a third or fifth door (the liftgate or tailgate), instead of a trunk lid” (odwn-1.3:102276728-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117956 “charge on goods that are exported abroad” (odwn-1.3:108813628-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117957 “things that generally have some of the traits of both other apes and humans” (odwn-1.3:101132223-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117958 “a thick sweety syrop made of appels” (odwn-1.3:108259868-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117959 “the right foot of a human” (odwn-1.3:105363288-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117960 “goods carried by a ship” (odwn-1.3:100515553-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117961 “monument to commemorate those that resisted against the suprressors during a war” (odwn-1.3:101102808-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117962 “A storm surge is a coastal flood or tsunami-like phenomenon of rising water commonly associated with low pressureweather systems (such as tropical cyclones and strong extratropical cyclones), the severity of which is affected by the shallowness and orientation of the water body relative to storm path, and the timing of tides” (odwn-1.3:106429117-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117963 “remove the charge from a ship or boat” (odwn-1.3:101959456-v; added 2017-03-06)
i117964 “election for the board of control of a municipal government” (odwn-1.3:108500821-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117965 “to participate in the javelin throw” (odwn-1.3:102204552-v; added 2017-03-06)
i117966 “A pepernoot is a Dutchor Belgian cookie-like kind of confectionery, traditionally associated with the early December Sinterklaas holiday in the Netherlands and Belgium.” (odwn-1.3:107165123-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117967 “someone who leads a sports match” (odwn-1.3:107145182-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117968 “someone who talks a lot” (odwn-1.3:104893017-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117969 “keep something open, for example a door” (odwn-1.3:109040832-v; added 2017-03-06)
i117970 “a whole in the ice” (odwn-1.3:102017478-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117971 “a tall and skinny kid” (odwn-1.3:107542499-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117972 “someone who writes about the news” (odwn-1.3:100346704-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117973 “a man who is henpecked” (odwn-1.3:104488547-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117974 “the act of establishing policy” (odwn-1.3:109951199-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117975 “a picture of a group” (odwn-1.3:100202434-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117976 “the activity to keep on sawing” (odwn-1.3:103614745-v; added 2017-03-06)
i117977 “a film that has acquired a cult following” (odwn-1.3:101967180-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117978 “upper part of pajama (jacket)” (odwn-1.3:107997361-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117979 “a politician who is appointed by the head of state to lead the formation of a coalition government” (odwn-1.3:101704309-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117980 “novel about a particular region” (odwn-1.3:101884751-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117981 “surreptitious advertising” (odwn-1.3:109983486-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117982 “misunderstanding caused by different languages being spoken or by contradicting or wrong information” (odwn-1.3:109489252-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117983 “hennie” (odwn-1.3:107010289-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117984 “activity intended to escape from prison” (odwn-1.3:104115235-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117985 “to yell or shout at someone who leaves” (odwn-1.3:100898898-v; added 2017-03-06)
i117986 “A baby that was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF).” (odwn-1.3:109303817-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117987 “Someone who sells his wares from a boat.” (odwn-1.3:107177653-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117988 “Cheese made with cumin seed. There are two variants: Leyden cheese (with caraway seed) and Gouda cumin cheese.” (odwn-1.3:101278049-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117989 “control by radar of the flow of traffic” (odwn-1.3:103257498-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117990 “a layer of clay deposited by nature or people” (odwn-1.3:109432901-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117991 “a cookie with the shape of a wreath” (odwn-1.3:104356025-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117992 “A person with a passionate interest in cinema.” (odwn-1.3:109141311-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117993 “visional information on a tv screen” (odwn-1.3:107957726-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117994 “'Midfielders are generally positioned on the field between their team''s defenders and forwards in the game of football'” (odwn-1.3:101319508-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117995 “an interconnected network of pipes” (odwn-1.3:106951775-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117996 “Sweet bun filled with cream or pudding.” (odwn-1.3:102021929-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117997 “a solution that does not really solve the problem” (odwn-1.3:101871561-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117998 “glasses especially used for reading” (odwn-1.3:104437779-n; added 2017-03-06)
i117999 “Dialect of Dutch spoken in the Hague.” (odwn-1.3:103327501-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118000 “a fossil fuel in the gaseous state; used for engines” (odwn-1.3:104613004-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118001 “a group of girls playing popular music for dancing” (odwn-1.3:101278110-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118002 “a brick used for decoration on the gable of a building” (odwn-1.3:108483074-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118003 “long and heavy struggle” (odwn-1.3:104613865-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118004 “story that cannot be taken seriously” (odwn-1.3:105537175-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118005 “winding road” (odwn-1.3:103334018-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118006 “odor coming from acitivity of baking” (odwn-1.3:101456134-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118007 “The study of Dutch language and literature.” (odwn-1.3:108731804-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118008 “A pie iron, pudgy pie iron, sandwich toaster or jaffle iron, is a cooking appliance that consists of two hinged concave, round or square, metal plates on long handles. The appliance is used to heat, toast and seal a sandwich of two slices of bread and a filling.” (odwn-1.3:109312634-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118009 “the nest of the stork bird” (odwn-1.3:107838462-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118010 “Participate in a folkloristic sport where riders on horseback try to poke a lance through a ring.” (odwn-1.3:107220233-v; added 2017-03-06)
i118011 “an example sentence to provide more context and relevance.” (odwn-1.3:108060364-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118012 “a reference book containing information about proverbs” (odwn-1.3:103158565-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118013 “A slightly elevated land area with a soil consisting of dune sand which is mixed with peat or clay, mostly found along the shore.” (odwn-1.3:107219268-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118014 “A beer belly is an especially thick, forward bulging belly exclusively for men, without the rest of the body being necessarily thick.” (odwn-1.3:104381499-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118015 “A man with an especially thick, forward bulging belly, without the rest of the body being necessarily thick, typically associated with drinking too much beer.” (odwn-1.3:109994970-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118016 “fried fish made with a batter of water, flour and salt” (odwn-1.3:102211973-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118017 “mudflat hiking, recreationally walking and wading on the watershed of mudflats” (odwn-1.3:103494829-v; added 2017-03-06)
i118018 “a mother that is unmarried by choice” (odwn-1.3:108700839-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118019 “a message or image posted on Twitter” (odwn-1.3:00000001-n; added 2017-03-06)
i118020 “to post a message or image on Twitter” (odwn-1.3:00000002-v; added 2017-03-06)