btbwn (btbwn-3.0: bg)

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    @InProceedings{Simov:Osenova:2010, author = {Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova}, title = {Constructing of an Ontology-based Lexicon for Bulgarian}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10)}, year = {2010}, month = {may}, date = {19-21}, address = {Valletta, Malta}, editor = {Nicoletta Calzolari (Conference Chair) and Khalid Choukri and Bente Maegaard and Joseph Mariani and Jan Odijk and Stelios Piperidis and Mike Rosner and Daniel Tapias}, publisher = {European Language Resources Association (ELRA)}, isbn = {2-9517408-6-7}, language = {english} url = }

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Statistics for btbwn (btbwn-3.0)
Synsets Words Forms Senses Core % CILI % Def % Ex %
0 0 0 0 0.0

Core % is the percentage of core synsets covered. CILI % is the percentage of synsets linked to CILI. Def and Ex % are the percentages of synsets with definitions and examples respectively.

POS Statistics for btbwn (btbwn-3.0)
POS Synsets % Words % Senses %

Semantic Relations Between Synsets

Semantic Relations for btbwn (btbwn-3.0)
Semantic Relation Count %

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Should show the number of senses with examples.