Hong Kong Cantonese Corpus (HKCanCor)

Prof. Luke Kang Kwong  (kkluke@ntu.edu.sg)

Introduction 簡介

The Hong Kong Cantonese Corpus was collected from transcribed conversations that were recorded between March 1997 and August 1998. About 230,000 Chinese words were collected in the annotated corpus. It contains recordings of spontaneous speech (51 texts) and radio programmes (42 texts), which involve 2 to 4 speakers, with 1 text of monologue. The text were word-segmented, annotated with part-of-speech tagging and Cantonese pronunciation using the romanisation scheme of Linguistic Society of Hong Kong (LSHK).


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See the paper for a full description.
No. Tag POS (in Chinese) POS (in English)
1 Ag 形语素 Adjective Morpheme
2 a 形容词 Adjective
3 ad 副形词 Adjective as Adverbial
4 an 名形词 Adjective with Nominal Function
5 Bg 区别语素 Non-predicate Adjective Morpheme
6 b 区别词 Non-predicate Adjective
7 c 连词 Conjunction
8 Dg 副语素 Adverb Morpheme
9 d 副词 Adverb
10 e 叹词 Interjection
11 f 方位词 Directional Locality
12 g 语素 Morpheme
13 h 前接成分 Prefix
14 i 成语 Idiom
15 j 简略语 Abbreviation
16 k 后接成分 Suffix
17 l 习用语 Fixed Expression
18 Mg 数语素 Numeric Morpheme
19 m 数词 Numeral
20 Ng 名语素 Noun Morpheme
21 n 名词 Common Noun
22 nr 人名 Personal Name
23 ns 地名 Place Name
24 nt 机构团体 Organisation Name
25 nx 外文字符 Nominal Character String
26 nz 其它专名 Other Proper Noun
27 o 拟声词 Onomatopoeia
28 p 介词 Preposition
29 Qg 量语素 Classifier Morpheme
30 q 量词 Classifier
31 Rg 代语素 Pronoun Morpheme
32 r 代词 Pronoun
33 s 处所词 Space Word
34 Tg 时间语素 Time Word Morpheme
35 t 时间词 Time Word
36 Ug 助语素 Auxiliary Morpheme
37 u 助词 Auxiliary
38 Vg 动语素 Verb Morpheme
39 v 动词 Verb
40 vd 副动词 Verb as Adverbial
41 vn 名动词 Verb with Nominal Function
42 w 标点符号 Punctuation
43 x 非语素字 Unclassified Item
44 Yg 语气语素 Modal Particle Morpheme
45 y 语气词 Modal Particle
46 z 状态词 Descriptive