Special Issue on Linking, Integrating and Extending Wordnets
Linguistic Issues in Language Technology (LiLT)

Please ask any questions to <wn.lilt@gmail.com>.

The focus of this special issue is on linking wordnets together into a coherent whole. In particular we focus on the Open Multilingual Wordnet (OMW), which has brought many wordnets together, and the Collaborative Interlingual Index (CILI) which provides a way to link and share new synsets without going through the Princeton Wordnet (PWN). The issue will consist of two kinds of papers:

(i) invited papers dealing with the open multilingual wordnet, collaborative interlingual index and issues of dealing with multiple formats. These should generally be under 15 pages in length (not including references).

(ii) open papers describing individual wordnets and any issues in linking them --- extensions that cannot (yet) be linked, coordination problems. The wordnets must be part of the open multilingual wordnet: released under an open license and formatted as LMF. These should generally be 10 pages in length (not including references), but can be longer if a single paper deals with multiple wordnets.

(iii) open papers on other related topics. These should be under 15 pages in length (not including references).
More details on formatting and submitting the wordnet.

Instructions for Authors

Papers on individual wordnets should fit within 10 pages (plus references). This limit can be extended for papers covering multiple languages and/or wordnets. Papers will follow a shared format with sections on the current state of a described wordnet (including basic statistics and canonical citation), a brief history of (methods of) its construction as well as peculiarities of its structure and a review of uses and applications.
Paper sample file (LaTeX: with macros). You can download the whole directory as a zip with from the project menu.

Please follow the formatting advice in the paper sample, as well as the computational linguistics style guidelines.

Important Dates

2017 Jan 31st Expression of Interest
2017 Apr 1st Initial Wordnet submission
2017 Apr 21st Initial Paper submission
2018 Jul 15th Reviews returned to authors
2018 Oct 1st First revision (all authors can read all submissions)
2018 Dec 15th Final Camera-ready

Guest Editors




Currently we have around 30 submissions, with over twenty wordnets. This will be the most comprehensive description of wordnets anywhere!

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