How to add a wordnet to the GWG

This is preliminary page describing how to add a wordnet to the global wordnet grid.

  1. Send a URL pointing to a well formed LMF version of a wordnet to and asked to be added. Someone from your project should be a member of the GWA. Currently we have no formal requirements for deciding who to add: the ILI maintainers (Bond, McCrae, Vossen and Fellbaum) decide.
    (in the future, you will upload it somewhere instead of email)
  2. We will download it and:
    1. Validate it
      if it is invalid, we will produce an error report
    2. Check the content for some common problems (like duplicate lemmas)
      if we find any, we will produce an error report but we can still load it
    3. Merge it with the ILI and other wordnets to produce the Global Wordnet Grid
      • Also known as the Open Multilingual Wordnet
      • All entries will be linked to the project (or projects) that produced them
    4. Identify new ILI candidates
    5. Produce a single downloadable linked multilingual wordnet

Wordnet formatting requirements

The wordnet should be formatted as valid Simple) wordnet-LMF, using the DTD provided.


This should include:
project name
short project name (up to six of [-a-z])
release date

Valid licenses

The licence must be open according to the open definition.

Requirement to be added to the ILI

Other changes to the ILI

There are three other ways to change the ILI

These will have their own interface and guidelines.

More details will be given at the GWC 2016 workshop and in later iterations of this page. This page will move to under GWA pages when it is more polished.

Francis Bond <>
Computational Linguistics Laboratory
Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Nanyang Technological University