Program for HPSG-2015

Tentative program for the 22nd International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (10–14 August, 2015).

Sun (09)
Linguistic Analysis Design event
Mon (10) 9:30-10:30
Chair: Gert Webelhuth
Syntax and Semantics in the Automatic Extraction of Relations from Texts Hans Uszkoreit Invited talk
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Chair: Hans Uszkoreit
Building Zhong [|], a Chinese HPSG Shared-Grammar Zhenzhen Fan, Sanghoun Song and Francis Bond
Development of Maximally Reusable Grammars: Parallel Development of Hebrew and Arabic Grammars Tali Arad Greshler, Livnat Herzig Sheinfux, Nurit Melnik and Shuly Wintner.
Chair: Nurit Melnik
Feeling our way to an analysis of English possessed idioms Jia Qian Ho, Francis Bond and Daniel Flickinger
Unique lexical entries in a subconstructional grammar Petter Haugereid
A Constraint-based Analysis of A-NOT-A Questions in Mandarin Chinese Wenjie Wang, Sanghoun Song and Francis Bond
15:45-16:15Coffee break
Chair: Leslie Lee
Ellipsis of SAY, THINK, and DO in Japanese subordinate clauses: A constructional analysis David Yoshikazu Oshima
Divergence of Expressing Definiteness between Mandarin and Cantonese Joanna Ut Seong Sio and Sanghoun Song
Tue (11)9:30-10:30
Chair: Sanghoun Song
The Reverse Partitive Construction in Japanese Kazuko Yatsuhiro Invited talk
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Chair: Kazuko Yatsuhiro
Semantic taxonomies and NP-coordinations Juwon Lee
'Agreement mismatch' between sort/kind/type and the determiner Takafumi Maekawa
Chair: Dan Flickinger
An HPSG-based Analysis of Resultative Compounds in Chinese Sanghoun Song, Bo Chen, Joanna Ut Seong Sio and Francis Bond
Binding, agreement and predicative complements Frank Van Eynde
15:10-15:40Coffee break
15:40-16:40Poster session
Functional building blocks: towards derivational morphology in the LinGO Grammar Matrix Chris Curtis
Robust Parsing in HPSG: Bridging the Coverage Chasm Dan Flickinger and Woodley Packard
Pronoun Incorporation in Matsigenka David Inman
Adjectives within Spanish and French NPs — Position and Interpretation — Antonio Machicao Y Priemer and Elodie Winckel
16:50 Busses leave Tour: Peranakan Museum
19:00 (be there by) Banquet: True Blue Peranakan Restaurant
Wed (12)
Chair: Doug Arnold
🐬 An introduction to the Deep Linguistic Processing with HPSG Initiative (DELPH-IN)
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Chair: Petter Haugereid
An Analysis of Simple and Construct-State Noun Phrases in Modern Standard Arabic Issa Alqurashi
Hebrew Verbal Multi-Word Expressions Livnat Herzig Sheinfux, Tali Arad Greshler, Nurit Melnik and Shuly Wintner
Chair: I Wayan Arka
Lacking Integrity: HPSG as a Morphosyntactic Theory Guy Emerson and Ann Copestake
A Constructional Analysis for the Skeptical Doug Arnold and Andrew Spencer
15:10-15:40Coffee break
15:40-16:10 HPSG Business Meeting
Chair: Emily Bender
Affectedness and Psych Predicates in Marori and beyond I Wayan Arka Invited talk