Workshop/Hackathon for the Wordnet Bahasa (2014)

Workshop/Hackathon for the Wordnet Bahasa (2014)
DateOct 26–27
PlaceHSS Conference Room (05-57), NTU

This is a short focused workshop with two themes: improving the Wordnet Bahasa and improving integration of wordnets with grammars. The goal will be to have a few short presentations, a lot of discussion and as much actual coding as we can.


Sun (26) 11:00-11:20Francis Bond (NTU)
Introduction to the workshop: Wordnet Bahasa overview
11:20-11:40Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton)
Where is Princeton Wordnet headed?
13:00-13:20Luís Morgado da Costa (NTU)
The OMW interface
13:20-13:40Luís Morgado da Costa (NTU)
Wordnet extensions
13:40-14:00Rebecca Dridan (Oslo)
What's in a name?
14:00-14:20Francis Bond (NTU)
The InterLingual Index (ILI)
14:20-14:40Francis Bond (NTU)
An Integrated Semantic framework
14:40-15:00Giulia Bonansinga (University of Pisa)
Cross-lingual mapping: projection versus intersection
15:30-15:50David Moeljadi (NTU)
How can we improve the Wordnet Bahasa?
15:50-16:10Arawinda Dinakaramani, Fam Rashel, and Andry Luthfi (University of Indonesia)
A rule-based Indonesian POS tagger and manually tagged 250k-word corpus
16:10-16:30Bayu Distiawan and Ruli Manurung (University of Indonesia)
Two approaches to building an Indonesian Wordnet from the KBBI
16:30-16:50LIM Lian Tze (KDU College Penang)
Extending Wordnet Bahasa with external resources
16:50-17:10František Kratochvíl (NTU)
Extending lexical resources for Abui, a Papuan language
Mon (27) 09:00-12:00 Tang Enya Kong (Linton University College) - Moderator
How can we improve the wordnets?


  • Andry Luthfi (University of Indonesia)
  • Arawinda Dinakaramani (University of Indonesia)
  • Bayu Distiawan (University of Indonesia)
  • Benediktus Delpada (NTU)
  • Bo Chen (NTU/Wuhan University)
  • Christiane Felbaum (Princeton)
  • Dan Flickinger (Stanford)
  • David Moeljadi (NTU)
  • Elvis Albertus Bin Toni (NTU)
  • Fam Rashel (University of Indonesia)
  • Fan Zhenzhhen (NTU/NUS)
  • Francis Bond (NTU)
  • František Kratochvíl (NTU)
  • Giulia Bonansinga (NTU/Pisa)
  • Hammam Riza (BPPT: didn't quite make it)
  • Hwee Tou Ng (NUS: didn't quite make it)
  • Kadek Ratih Dwi (NTU)
  • LIM Lian Tze (KDU College Penang)
  • Luís Morgado da Costa (NTU)
  • Lê Tuấn Anh (NTU)
  • Michael Goodman (NTU/Washington)
  • Rebecca Dridan (Oslo)
  • Ruli Manurung (University of Indonesia)
  • Sanghoun Song (NTU)
  • Tang Enya Kong (Linton University College)
Wordnet Bahasa


A non-binding list of things we will be trying to do

  1. Infrastructure release by Luis et al., 25 Dec 2014
    make the interface code available for everyone; need to coordinate witht he work on the ILI
  2. Merge new things by David and Lim, end of Nov 2014
    plus new data from UI; defininitions already done
  3. Dialects by Luis and Lim, Nov 2014
    present the wordnet as a single language
  4. Check frequency of words in Indonesian/Malay corpus by Ruli
  5. Shared definitions by Ruli
  6. Classifiers by David
    first round done; not yet released
  7. Multidict by Mike
  8. Derivational links (human annotators + freq) ???
  9. Parsing definitions ??? (David)
  10. Reduplication (reduplicatable) ???
  11. Machine translation for Asian languages (work with the ASEAN project: Enya Kong)
  12. Look for funding: Singapore's Malay Heritage, Indonesia's Pusat Bahasa (Language Centre), maybe also also from Malaysia and Brunei

Organized by Francis Bond, Luís Morgado da Costa and David Moeljadi at the Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University. This workshop was supported by the Singapore MOE Tier2 Grant That's what you meant: A Rich Representation for Manipulating Meaning (MOE ARC41/13; PI: Francis Bond) and the Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).

Francis Bond <>
Computational Linguistics Laboratory
Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
Nanyang Technological University