Chinese Open Wordnet

We are creating a large scale, freely available, semantic dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: the Chinese Open Wordnet, inspired by the Princeton WordNet and the Global WordNet Grid.

As well as being searchable online, the data from this project is available to download. If you are interested in joining in the construction, or have any questions, please contact us.

Please feel free to use the wordnet in any way you please (license). If you use it for research, please cite one (or more) of our papers.

All relations (hypernyms, meronyms, ...) come from Princeton WordNet 3.0. We have enriched the synsets with Chinese lexical units.

Disclaimer: This release has limited coverage and almost certainly still contains errors. We welcome feedback.



Shan Wang and Francis Bond (2013)
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Shan Wang and Francis Bond (2013)
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Shan Wang, Francis Bond, …



We would like to thank the makers of the Princeton wordnet and the Chinese wordnets for their help, encouragement and access to their data. This research was supported by the MOE Tier 1 grant Shifted in Translation—An Empirical Study of Meaning Change across Languages (2012-T1-001-135) and the NTU HASS Incentive Scheme Equivalent But Different: How Languages Represent Meaning In Different Ways.

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