HG8003: Technologically Speaking (2014)

Francis Bond, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Thursday 16:30–19:30 (NS LT8)

Co-taught with Wang Shan.

Apparently this was an Uber Cool Module!

In this elective you will get a chance to see how technology affects our use of language (from the effects of encoding to the rise of chatspeak), and also how technology has enabled us to study and process language in new ways. Students will gain understanding of the problems of representing, transmitting and transforming language electronically. Specific topics will include automatic parsing and generation of language, text mining (extracting knowledge from text) and machine translation.

There is no set text-book, all the material is covered in the lectures. As a result, you need to actually come to the lectures. General guidelines to the course are given in lecture one.

Course Outline

WeekDateContent (click to download)Misc
1 01-16 Introduction, Organization: Main Issues
2 01-23 Representing Language: Text and Speech
3 02-06 Representing Meaning --- Implicit and Explicit
4 02-13 Words, Lexicons and Ontologies
5 02-20 Text Mining and Knowledge Acquisition Quiz (1-4)
6 02-27 Structured Text and the Semantic Web
- Recess
7 03-13 Citation, Reputation and PageRank
8 03-20 Introduction to Machine Translation; Empirical NLP
9 03-27 Analysis, Tagging, Parsing and Generation Quiz (1-8, but mainly 5-8)
10 Video
Statistical and Example based MT (Bond)
Statistical Machine Translation (Koehn)
Video Lecture by Francis Bond (only accessible from within NTU)
Ignore the discussion of the quiz at the beginning
Phrase-based and Factored Statistical Machine Translation by Philipp Koehn (up to slide 77)
11 04-03 Transfer and Word Sense Disambiguation
12 04-10 Review and Conclusions
Exam 05-06 17:00

Recommended Readings


Dictionaries can not be used in the quizzes or exams.