HG2052: Language, Technology and the Internet

Francis Bond, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2019

Wednesday 9:30--12:30 TR+106 (SS4-01-40)

This course explores the impact of technology on everyday use of language. The focus is on modern information technology, but the course will begin with a review of some 'old' technology (e.g. writing, typing, sound recording, radio and television) in order to show how all technology can potentially change language use. Like so many other aspects of life, language communicate has been revolutionised by the introduction of the Internet. We will look at the structure and use of English have been shaped by the popularity of new modes of communication made available by the Internet: SMS, e-mail, chatrooms, Internet Relay Chat, Usenet newsgroups, World Wide Web pages, and virtual worlds. The implications of these changes for our thinking and understanding of language will also be discussed.

There is no set text-book, all the material is covered in the lectures. As a result, you need to actually come to the lectures. General guidelines to the course are given in lecture one.

Course Page: http://compling.hss.ntu.edu.sg/courses/hg2052.

Course Outline

Week Date Content (click to download) Further Reading Misc
1 01-16 Introduction, Organization: Main Issues What can search terms tell us?
Which is more efficient: Chinese or English
Rants about technology through the ages
Media Usage Form
Media Usage Diary (sample)
Results: 2014, 2019
2 01-23 Writing and Text Sproat (2010) Ch 3
3 01-30 Speech and Language Technology Sproat (2010, Ch 6) Festival TTS
Mouth Bot
- Chinese New Year 🐖 豬
4 02-13 New Mediums: Email, Usenet, Blogs and Chat Crystal (2006, Ch 3–6) Q&A with David Crystal on Internet Linguistics
5 02-20 Wikis and Collaboration Wikipedia:About Assignment Two Ex 0 (12th) Make a wiki account and user page
Multilingual Consent Form
6 02-27 The World Wide Web and HTML Crystal (2006) Ch 7 Assignment 1 Due: Mar 1 17:00
- Recess
7 03-13 The Web as Corpus Kilgarriff (2004); Kilgariff and Grefenstette (2003) Assignment Two Ex 1: Improve a page
8 03-20 Language Identification and Normalization Manning and Schütze (1999, Ch 3)
Generalized Language Identification (Marco Lui, 2014)
Presentation (Assignment Two)
9 03-27 Text and Meta-text Marcus, Santorini and Marcinkiewicz (2004) Google's Book Search: A Disaster for Scholars (Nunberg, 2009)
A Gentle Introduction to Metadata (Jeff Good, 2002)
10 04-03 The Semantic Web Berners-Lee, Hendler and Lassila (2001); Shadbolt, Hall and Berners-Lee (2006) Assignment Two Due: Apr 12 17:00
11 04-10 Citation, Reputation and PageRank Brin and Page (1998)
12 04-17 Review and Conclusions
Linguistics Olympiad Problems: Braile and Molistic
Linguistics Olympiad Problems: Blissymbolics
13 04-24

Assignment 3 Due: May 3 17:00

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