7. Regular Expressions.

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Before Class (code)

Practical work (code)

HG251: Language and the Computer Francis Bond.

irregs.tab from the ERG.
abandoned V_PST_OLR abandon
abandoned V_PSP_OLR abandon
abandoned V_PAS_ODLR abandon
abandoning V_PRP_OLR abandon
abetted V_PST_OLR abet
abetted V_PSP_OLR abet
abetted V_PAS_ODLR abet
abetting V_PRP_OLR abet
abhorred V_PST_OLR abhor
abhorred V_PSP_OLR abhor
abhorred V_PAS_ODLR abhor
abhorring V_PRP_OLR abhor
abutted V_PST_OLR abut
abutted V_PSP_OLR abut
abutted V_PAS_ODLR abut
abutting V_PRP_OLR abut
accused N_PL_OLR accused
acoustics N_PL_OLR acoustics
acquitted V_PST_OLR acquit
acquitted V_PSP_OLR acquit
acquitted V_PAS_ODLR acquit
acquitting V_PRP_OLR acquit
acrobatics N_PL_OLR acrobatics
administered V_PST_OLR administer
administered V_PSP_OLR administer
administered V_PAS_ODLR administer
administering V_PRP_OLR administer
admitted V_PST_OLR admit
admitted V_PSP_OLR admit
admitted V_PAS_ODLR admit
admitting V_PRP_OLR admit
adventurous N_PL_OLR adventurous
aerobatics N_PL_OLR aerobatics
aircraft N_PL_OLR aircraft
airmen N_PL_OLR airman
aldermen N_PL_OLR alderman
algae N_PL_OLR algae
aliases N_PL_OLR alias
alighted V_PST_OLR alight
alighted V_PSP_OLR alight
alit V_PST_OLR alight
alit V_PSP_OLR alight
alkalies N_PL_OLR alkali
allotted V_PST_OLR allot
allotted V_PSP_OLR allot
allotted V_PAS_ODLR allot
allotting V_PRP_OLR allot
altered V_PST_OLR alter
altered V_PSP_OLR alter
altered V_PAS_ODLR alter
altering V_PRP_OLR alter
anaconda N_PL_OLR anaconda
anacondas N_PL_OLR anaconda
analyses N_PL_OLR analysis
anchored V_PST_OLR anchor
anchored V_PSP_OLR anchor
anchored V_PAS_ODLR anchor
anchoring V_PRP_OLR anchor
ancient N_PL_OLR ancient
angered V_PST_OLR anger
angered V_PSP_OLR anger
angered V_PAS_ODLR anger
angering V_PRP_OLR anger
answered V_PST_OLR answer
answered V_PSP_OLR answer
answered V_PAS_ODLR answer
answering V_PRP_OLR answer
antitheses N_PL_OLR antithesis
appendices N_PL_OLR appendix
apts. N_PL_OLR apts.
archegonia N_PL_OLR archegonium
archerfish N_PL_OLR archerfish
archers N_PL_OLR archers
arisen V_PSP_OLR arise
armored V_PST_OLR armor
armored V_PSP_OLR armor
armored V_PAS_ODLR armor
armoring V_PRP_OLR armor
arose V_PST_OLR arise
asyla N_PL_OLR asylum
atria N_PL_OLR atrium
audited V_PST_OLR audit
audited V_PSP_OLR audit
audited V_PAS_ODLR audit
auditing V_PRP_OLR audit
authored V_PST_OLR author
authored V_PSP_OLR author
authored V_PAS_ODLR author
authoring V_PRP_OLR author
awoke V_PST_OLR awake
awoken V_PSP_OLR awake
awoken V_PAS_ODLR awake
awakened V_PAS_ODLR awaken
awakened V_PST_OLR awaken
awakened V_PSP_OLR awaken
awakening V_PRP_OLR awaken
ate V_PST_OLR eat
axes N_PL_OLR axis
babysat V_PST_OLR babysit
babysat V_PSP_OLR babysit
babysitting V_PRP_OLR babysit
backordered V_PST_OLR backorder
backordered V_PSP_OLR backorder
backordered V_PAS_ODLR backorder
backordering V_PRP_OLR backorder
bacteria N_PL_OLR bacteria
bade V_PST_OLR bid
bagged V_PST_OLR bag
bagged V_PSP_OLR bag
bagged V_PAS_ODLR bag
bagging V_PRP_OLR bag
baht N_PL_OLR baht
balinese N_PL_OLR balinese
bantered V_PST_OLR banter
bantered V_PSP_OLR banter
bantered V_PAS_ODLR banter
bantering V_PRP_OLR banter
barmen N_PL_OLR barman
barracks N_PL_OLR barracks
barred V_PST_OLR bar
barred V_PSP_OLR bar
barred V_PAS_ODLR bar
barring V_PRP_OLR bar
bases N_PL_OLR basis
batsmen N_PL_OLR batsman
batted V_PST_OLR bat
batted V_PSP_OLR bat
batted V_PAS_ODLR bat
batting V_PRP_OLR bat
battered V_PST_OLR batter
battered V_PSP_OLR batter
battered V_PAS_ODLR batter
battering V_PRP_OLR batter
baud N_PL_OLR baud
beat V_PST_OLR beat
beat V_PSP_OLR beat
beat V_PAS_ODLR beat
beaten V_PSP_OLR beat
beaten V_PAS_ODLR beat
became V_PST_OLR become
beckoned V_PAS_ODLR beckon
beckoned V_PST_OLR beckon
beckoned V_PSP_OLR beckon
beckoning V_PRP_OLR beckon
become V_PSP_OLR become
bedclothes N_PL_OLR bedclothes 
bedded V_PST_OLR bed
bedded V_PSP_OLR bed
bedded V_PAS_ODLR bed
bedding V_PRP_OLR bed
befell V_PST_OLR befall
befallen V_PSP_OLR befall
befallen V_PAS_ODLR befall
befitted V_PST_OLR befit
befitted V_PSP_OLR befit
befitted V_PAS_ODLR befit
befitting V_PRP_OLR befit
begged V_PST_OLR beg
begged V_PSP_OLR beg
begged V_PAS_ODLR beg
begging V_PRP_OLR beg
began V_PST_OLR begin
begun V_PSP_OLR begin
begun V_PAS_ODLR begin
beginning V_PRP_OLR begin
begat V_PST_OLR beget
begotten V_PSP_OLR beget
begotten V_PAS_ODLR beget
begetting V_PRP_OLR beget
beheld V_PST_OLR behold
beheld V_PSP_OLR behold
beheld V_PAS_ODLR behold
bellows N_PL_OLR bellows
benefitted V_PST_OLR benefit
benefitted V_PSP_OLR benefit
benefitted V_PAS_ODLR benefit
benefitting V_PRP_OLR benefit
bent V_PST_OLR bend
bent V_PSP_OLR bend
bent V_PAS_ODLR bend
beset V_PST_OLR beset
beset V_PSP_OLR beset
beset V_PAS_ODLR beset
besetting V_PRP_OLR beset
bet V_PST_OLR bet
bet V_PSP_OLR bet
bet V_PAS_ODLR bet
betting V_PRP_OLR bet
betokened V_PAS_ODLR betoken
betokened V_PST_OLR betoken
betokened V_PSP_OLR betoken
betokening V_PRP_OLR betoken
betook V_PST_OLR betake
betaken V_PSP_OLR betake
betaken V_PAS_ODLR betake
bewildered V_PST_OLR bewilder
bewildered V_PSP_OLR bewilder
bewildering V_PRP_OLR bewilder
bid V_PST_OLR bid
bid V_PSP_OLR bid
bid V_PAS_ODLR bid
bidden V_PSP_OLR bid
bidden V_PAS_ODLR bid
bidding V_PRP_OLR bid
billfish N_PL_OLR billfish
billions N_PL_OLR billions
birch N_PL_OLR birch
birches N_PL_OLR birch
bit V_PST_OLR bite
bitten V_PSP_OLR bite
bitten V_PAS_ODLR bite
blackened V_PST_OLR blacken
blackened V_PSP_OLR blacken
blackened V_PAS_ODLR blacken
blackening V_PRP_OLR blacken
bled V_PST_OLR bleed
bled V_PSP_OLR bleed
bled V_PAS_ODLR bleed
blew V_PST_OLR blow
blistered V_PST_OLR blister
blistered V_PSP_OLR blister
blistered V_PAS_ODLR blister
blistering V_PRP_OLR blister
blotted V_PST_OLR blot
blotted V_PSP_OLR blot
blotted V_PAS_ODLR blot
blotting V_PRP_OLR blot
blown V_PSP_OLR blow
blown V_PAS_ODLR blow
blundered V_PST_OLR blunder
blundered V_PSP_OLR blunder
blundered V_PAS_ODLR blunder
blundering V_PRP_OLR blunder
blurred V_PST_OLR blur
blurred V_PSP_OLR blur
blurred V_PAS_ODLR blur
blurring V_PRP_OLR blur
blustered V_PST_OLR bluster
blustered V_PSP_OLR bluster
blustered V_PAS_ODLR bluster
blustering V_PRP_OLR bluster
bogged V_PST_OLR bog
bogged V_PSP_OLR bog
bogged V_PAS_ODLR bog
bogging V_PRP_OLR bog
bolstered V_PST_OLR bolster
bolstered V_PSP_OLR bolster
bolstered V_PAS_ODLR bolster
bolstering V_PRP_OLR bolster
bookshelves N_PL_OLR bookshelf
bordered V_PST_OLR border
bordered V_PSP_OLR border
bordered V_PAS_ODLR border
bordering V_PRP_OLR border
bore V_PST_OLR bear
borne V_PSP_OLR bear
borne V_PAS_ODLR bear
bothered V_PST_OLR bother
bothered V_PSP_OLR bother
bothered V_PAS_ODLR bother
bothering V_PRP_OLR bother
bought V_PST_OLR buy
bought V_PSP_OLR buy
bought V_PAS_ODLR buy
bought V_PAS-DAT_ODLR buy
bound V_PST_OLR bind
bound V_PSP_OLR bind
bound V_PAS_ODLR bind
bourgeois N_PL_OLR bourgeois
bragged V_PST_OLR brag
bragged V_PSP_OLR brag
bragged V_PAS_ODLR brag
bragging V_PRP_OLR brag
brains N_PL_OLR brains
bets N_PL_OLR bets
brass N_PL_OLR brass
bream N_PL_OLR bream
bred V_PST_OLR breed
bred V_PSP_OLR breed
bred V_PAS_ODLR breed
bribed N_PL_OLR bribed
brightened V_PST_OLR brighten
brightened V_PSP_OLR brighten
brightened V_PAS_ODLR brighten
brightening V_PRP_OLR brighten
brightest N_PL_OLR brightest
british N_PL_OLR british
broadcast V_PST_OLR broadcast
broadcast V_PSP_OLR broadcast
broadcast V_PAS_ODLR broadcast
broadened V_PAS_ODLR broaden
broadened V_PST_OLR broaden
broadened V_PSP_OLR broaden
broadening V_PRP_OLR broaden
broke V_PST_OLR break
broken V_PSP_OLR break
broken V_PAS_ODLR break
brokered V_PST_OLR broker
brokered V_PSP_OLR broker
brokered V_PAS_ODLR broker
brokering V_PRP_OLR broker
brontosauruses N_PL_OLR brontosaurus
brought V_PST_OLR bring
brought V_PSP_OLR bring
brought V_PAS_ODLR bring
brought V_PAS-DAT_ODLR bring
budded V_PST_OLR bud
budded V_PSP_OLR bud
budded V_PAS_ODLR bud
budding V_PRP_OLR bud
buffered V_PST_OLR buffer
buffered V_PSP_OLR buffer
buffered V_PAS_ODLR buffer
buffering V_PRP_OLR buffer
bugged V_PST_OLR bug
bugged V_PSP_OLR bug
bugged V_PAS_ODLR bug
bugging V_PRP_OLR bug
built V_PST_OLR build
built V_PSP_OLR build
built V_PAS_ODLR build
bummed V_PST_OLR bum
bummed V_PSP_OLR bum
bummed V_PAS_ODLR bum
bumming V_PRP_OLR bum
burdened V_PST_OLR burden
burdened V_PSP_OLR burden
burdened V_PAS_ODLR burden
burdening V_PRP_OLR burden
burned V_PST_OLR burn
burned V_PSP_OLR burn
burned V_PAS_ODLR burn
burnt V_PST_OLR burn
burnt V_PSP_OLR burn
burnt V_PAS_ODLR burn
burst V_PST_OLR burst
burst V_PSP_OLR burst
burst V_PAS_ODLR burst
buses N_PL_OLR bus
busses N_PL_OLR bus
businessmen N_PL_OLR businessman
businesswomen N_PL_OLR businesswoman
butchered V_PST_OLR butcher
butchered V_PSP_OLR butcher
butchered V_PAS_ODLR butcher
butchering V_PRP_OLR butcher
buttered V_PST_OLR butter
buttered V_PSP_OLR butter
buttered V_PAS_ODLR butter
buttering V_PRP_OLR butter
buttoned V_PST_OLR button
buttoned V_PSP_OLR button
buttoned V_PAS_ODLR button
buttoning V_PRP_OLR button
_c N_PL_OLR _c
_c. N_PL_OLR _c.
c N_PL_OLR c
c. N_PL_OLR c.
cacti N_PL_OLR cactus
calculi N_PL_OLR calculus
calendared V_PST_OLR calendar
calendared V_PSP_OLR calendar
calendared V_PAS_ODLR calendar
calendaring V_PRP_OLR calendar
calves N_PL_OLR calf
canceled V_PST_OLR cancel
canceled V_PSP_OLR cancel
canceled V_PAS_ODLR cancel
canceling V_PRP_OLR cancel
cancelled V_PST_OLR cancel
cancelled V_PSP_OLR cancel
cancelled V_PAS_ODLR cancel
cancelling V_PRP_OLR cancel
came V_PST_OLR come
cannoned V_PST_OLR cannon
cannoned V_PSP_OLR cannon
cannoned V_PAS_ODLR cannon
cannoning V_PRP_OLR cannon
canvases N_PL_OLR canvas
capped V_PST_OLR cap
capped V_PSP_OLR cap
capped V_PAS_ODLR cap
capping V_PRP_OLR cap
carnivora N_PL_OLR carnivora
caroling V_PRP_OLR carol
carp N_PL_OLR carp
cast V_PST_OLR cast
cast V_PSP_OLR cast
cast V_PAS_ODLR cast
catered V_PST_OLR cater
catered V_PSP_OLR cater
catered V_PAS_ODLR cater
catered V_PAS-P_ODLR cater
catering V_PRP_OLR cater
catfish N_PL_OLR catfish
cattle N_PL_OLR cattle
cattlemen N_PL_OLR cattleman
caught V_PST_OLR catch
caught V_PSP_OLR catch
caught V_PAS_ODLR catch
cavalrymen N_PL_OLR cavalryman
cc N_PL_OLR cc
ccs N_PL_OLR cc
centered V_PST_OLR center
centered V_PSP_OLR center
centered V_PAS_ODLR center
centering V_PRP_OLR center
ceramics N_PL_OLR ceramics
chairmen N_PL_OLR chairman
chairwomen N_PL_OLR chairwoman
channeled V_PST_OLR channel
channeled V_PSP_OLR channel
channeled V_PAS_ODLR channel
channeling V_PRP_OLR channel
chapped V_PST_OLR chap
chapped V_PSP_OLR chap
chapped V_PAS_ODLR chap
chapping V_PRP_OLR chap
charred V_PST_OLR char
charred V_PSP_OLR char
charred V_PAS_ODLR char
charring V_PRP_OLR char
chartered V_PST_OLR charter
chartered V_PSP_OLR charter
chartered V_PAS_ODLR charter
chartering V_PRP_OLR charter
chatted V_PST_OLR chat
chatted V_PSP_OLR chat
chatted V_PAS_ODLR chat
chattered V_PST_OLR chatter
chattered V_PSP_OLR chatter
chattered V_PAS_ODLR chatter
chattering V_PRP_OLR chatter
chatting V_PRP_OLR chat
cheyenne N_PL_OLR cheyenne
children N_PL_OLR child
chinned V_PST_OLR chin
chinned V_PSP_OLR chin
chinned V_PAS_ODLR chin
chinning V_PRP_OLR chin
chinese N_PL_OLR chinese
chipped V_PST_OLR chip
chipped V_PSP_OLR chip
chipped V_PAS_ODLR chip
chipping V_PRP_OLR chip
chiseled V_PST_OLR chisel
chiseled V_PSP_OLR chisel
chiseled V_PAS_ODLR chisel
chiseling V_PRP_OLR chisel
chopped V_PST_OLR chop
chopped V_PSP_OLR chop
chopped V_PAS_ODLR chop
chopping V_PRP_OLR chop
chose V_PST_OLR choose
chosen V_PSP_OLR choose
chosen V_PAS_ODLR choose
christened V_PAS_ODLR christen
christened V_PST_OLR christen
christened V_PSP_OLR christen
christening V_PRP_OLR christen
chugged V_PST_OLR chug
chugged V_PSP_OLR chug
chugged V_PAS_ODLR chug
chugging V_PRP_OLR chug
clambered V_PST_OLR clamber
clambered V_PSP_OLR clamber
clambered V_PAS_ODLR clamber
clambering V_PRP_OLR clamber
clamored V_PST_OLR clamor
clamored V_PSP_OLR clamor
clamored V_PAS_ODLR clamor
clamoring V_PRP_OLR clamor
clapped V_PST_OLR clap
clapped V_PSP_OLR clap
clapped V_PAS_ODLR clap
clapping V_PRP_OLR clap
clattered V_PST_OLR clatter
clattered V_PSP_OLR clatter
clattered V_PAS_ODLR clatter
clattering V_PRP_OLR clatter
cleft V_PST_OLR cleave
cleft V_PSP_OLR cleave
cleft V_PAS_ODLR cleave
clergy N_PL_OLR clergy
clergymen N_PL_OLR clergyman
clipped V_PST_OLR clip
clipped V_PSP_OLR clip
clipped V_PAS_ODLR clip
clipping V_PRP_OLR clip
clogged V_PST_OLR clog
clogged V_PSP_OLR clog
clogged V_PAS_ODLR clog
clogging V_PRP_OLR clog
cloistered V_PST_OLR cloister
cloistered V_PSP_OLR cloister
cloistered V_PAS_ODLR cloister
cloistering V_PRP_OLR cloister
clothes N_PL_OLR clothes
clothesmen N_PL_OLR clothesman
clotted V_PST_OLR clot
clotted V_PSP_OLR clot
clotted V_PAS_ODLR clot
clotting V_PRP_OLR clot
clung V_PST_OLR cling
clung V_PSP_OLR cling
clung V_PAS_ODLR cling
clustered V_PST_OLR cluster
clustered V_PSP_OLR cluster
clustered V_PAS_ODLR cluster
clustering V_PRP_OLR cluster
cluttered V_PST_OLR clutter
cluttered V_PSP_OLR clutter
cluttered V_PAS_ODLR clutter
cluttering V_PRP_OLR clutter
cm N_PL_OLR cm
collared V_PST_OLR collar
collared V_PSP_OLR collar
collared V_PAS_ODLR collar
collaring V_PRP_OLR collar
colloquia N_PL_OLR colloquium
colloquiums N_PL_OLR colloquium
colored V_PST_OLR color
colored V_PSP_OLR color
colored V_PAS_ODLR color
coloring V_PRP_OLR color
combatted V_PST_OLR combat
combatted V_PSP_OLR combat
combatted V_PAS_ODLR combat
combatting V_PRP_OLR combat
come V_PSP_OLR come
committeemen N_PL_OLR committeeman
committed V_PST_OLR commit
committed V_PSP_OLR commit
committed V_PAS_ODLR commit
committing V_PRP_OLR commit
conferred V_PST_OLR confer
conferred V_PSP_OLR confer
conferred V_PAS_ODLR confer
conferring V_PRP_OLR confer
congressmen N_PL_OLR congressman
considered V_PST_OLR consider
considered V_PSP_OLR consider
considered V_PAS_ODLR consider
considered V_PAS-DAT_ODLR consider
considering V_PRP_OLR consider
coppered V_PST_OLR copper
coppered V_PSP_OLR copper
coppered V_PAS_ODLR copper
coppering V_PRP_OLR copper
cornered V_PST_OLR corner
cornered V_PSP_OLR corner
cornered V_PAS_ODLR corner
cornering V_PRP_OLR corner
corpora N_PL_OLR corpus
corps N_PL_OLR corps
cost V_PST_OLR cost
cost V_PSP_OLR cost
cost V_PAS_ODLR cost
costed V_PST_OLR cost
costed V_PSP_OLR cost
costed V_PAS_ODLR cost
counseled V_PST_OLR counsel
counseled V_PSP_OLR counsel
counseled V_PAS_ODLR counsel
counseling V_PRP_OLR counsel
countered V_PST_OLR counter
countered V_PSP_OLR counter
countered V_PAS_ODLR counter
countering V_PRP_OLR counter
countrypeople N_PL_OLR countrypeople
covered V_PST_OLR cover
covered V_PSP_OLR cover
covered V_PAS_ODLR cover
covering V_PRP_OLR cover
craft N_PL_OLR craft
craftsmen N_PL_OLR craftsman
cratered V_PST_OLR crater
cratered V_PSP_OLR crater
cratered V_PAS_ODLR crater
cratering V_PRP_OLR crater
crayfish N_PL_OLR crayfish
credited V_PST_OLR credit
credited V_PSP_OLR credit
credited V_PAS_ODLR credit
crediting V_PRP_OLR credit
crept V_PST_OLR creep
crept V_PSP_OLR creep
crises N_PL_OLR crisis
criteria N_PL_OLR criterion
cropped V_PST_OLR crop
cropped V_PSP_OLR crop
cropped V_PAS_ODLR crop
cropping V_PRP_OLR crop
crossroads N_PL_OLR crossroads
curious N_PL_OLR curious
cupped V_PST_OLR cup
cupped V_PSP_OLR cup
cupped V_PAS_ODLR cup
cupping V_PRP_OLR cup
cut V_PST_OLR cut
cut V_PSP_OLR cut
cut V_PAS_ODLR cut
cutting V_PRP_OLR cut
czech N_PL_OLR czech
dalesmen N_PL_OLR dalesman
dampened V_PST_OLR dampen
dampened V_PSP_OLR dampen
dampened V_PAS_ODLR dampen
dampening V_PRP_OLR dampen
danish N_PL_OLR danish
darkened V_PST_OLR darken
darkened V_PSP_OLR darken
darkened V_PAS_ODLR darken
darkening V_PRP_OLR darken
data N_PL_OLR data
dead N_PL_OLR dead
dealt V_PST_OLR deal
dealt V_PSP_OLR deal
dealt V_PAS_ODLR deal
dealt V_PAS-DAT_ODLR deal
dealt V_PAS-P_ODLR deal
debited V_PST_OLR debit
debited V_PSP_OLR debit
debited V_PAS_ODLR debit
debiting V_PRP_OLR debit
debugged V_PST_OLR debug
debugged V_PSP_OLR debug
debugged V_PAS_ODLR debug
debugging V_PRP_OLR debug
decadeersatz N_PL_OLR decadeersatz
deceased N_PL_OLR deceased
deepened V_PST_OLR deepen
deepened V_PSP_OLR deepen
deepened V_PAS_ODLR deepen
deepening V_PRP_OLR deepen
deer N_PL_OLR deer
deferred V_PST_OLR defer
deferred V_PSP_OLR defer
deferred V_PAS_ODLR defer
deferring V_PRP_OLR defer
delivered V_PST_OLR deliver
delivered V_PSP_OLR deliver
delivered V_PAS_ODLR deliver
delivering V_PRP_OLR deliver
demurred V_PST_OLR demur
demurred V_PSP_OLR demur
demurred V_PAS_ODLR demur
demurring V_PRP_OLR demur
deposited V_PST_OLR deposit
deposited V_PSP_OLR deposit
deposited V_PAS_ODLR deposit
depositing V_PRP_OLR deposit
desperate N_PL_OLR desperate
deterred V_PST_OLR deter
deterred V_PSP_OLR deter
deterred V_PAS_ODLR deter
deterring V_PRP_OLR deter
developed V_PST_OLR develop
developed V_PSP_OLR develop
developed V_PAS_ODLR develop
developing V_PRP_OLR develop
diagnoses N_PL_OLR diagnosis
dice N_PL_OLR die
did V_PST_OLR do
differed V_PST_OLR differ
differed V_PSP_OLR differ
differing V_PRP_OLR differ
dipped V_PST_OLR dip
dipped V_PSP_OLR dip
dipped V_PAS_ODLR dip
dipping V_PRP_OLR dip
disadvantaged N_PL_OLR disadvantaged
discovered V_PST_OLR discover
discovered V_PSP_OLR discover
discovered V_PAS_ODLR discover
discovering V_PRP_OLR discover
dishonored V_PST_OLR dishonor
dishonored V_PSP_OLR dishonor
dishonored V_PAS_ODLR dishonor
dishonoring V_PRP_OLR dishonor
dithered V_PST_OLR dither
dithered V_PSP_OLR dither
dithering V_PRP_OLR dither
dl N_PL_OLR dl
dl. N_PL_OLR dl.
doctored V_PST_OLR doctor
doctored V_PSP_OLR doctor
doctored V_PAS_ODLR doctor
doctoring V_PRP_OLR doctor
doing V_PRP_OLR do
does V_3S-FIN_OLR do
dogged V_PST_OLR dog
dogged V_PSP_OLR dog
dogged V_PAS_ODLR dog
dogging V_PRP_OLR dog
done V_PSP_OLR do
done V_PAS_ODLR do
done V_PST_OLR done
dotted V_PST_OLR dot
dotted V_PSP_OLR dot
dotted V_PAS_ODLR dot
dotting V_PRP_OLR dot
downstairs N_PL_OLR downstairs
dozens N_PL_OLR dozens
drachma N_PL_OLR drachma
dragged V_PST_OLR drag
drug V_PST_OLR drag
dragged V_PSP_OLR drag
dragged V_PAS_ODLR drag
dragging V_PRP_OLR drag
drank V_PST_OLR drink
drawn V_PSP_OLR draw
drawn V_PAS_ODLR draw
dreamt V_PST_OLR dream
dreamt V_PSP_OLR dream
dreamt V_PAS_ODLR dream
dreamt V_PAS-P_ODLR dream
dreamed V_PST_OLR dream
dreamed V_PSP_OLR dream
dreamed V_PAS_ODLR dream
dreamed V_PAS-P_ODLR dream
drew V_PST_OLR draw
dripped V_PST_OLR drip
dripped V_PSP_OLR drip
dripped V_PAS_ODLR drip
dripping V_PRP_OLR drip
driven V_PSP_OLR drive
driven V_PAS_ODLR drive
dropped V_PST_OLR drop
dropped V_PSP_OLR drop
dropped V_PAS_ODLR drop
dropping V_PRP_OLR drop
drove V_PST_OLR drive
drugged V_PST_OLR drug
drugged V_PSP_OLR drug
drugged V_PAS_ODLR drug
drugging V_PRP_OLR drug
drummed V_PST_OLR drum
drummed V_PSP_OLR drum
drummed V_PAS_ODLR drum
drumming V_PRP_OLR drum
drunk V_PSP_OLR drink
drunk V_PAS_ODLR drink
dug V_PST_OLR dig
dug V_PSP_OLR dig
dug V_PAS_ODLR dig
digging V_PRP_OLR dig
dunned V_PST_OLR dun
dunned V_PSP_OLR dun
dunned V_PAS_ODLR dun
dunning V_PRP_OLR dun
dutchmen N_PL_OLR dutchman
dwarfs N_PL_OLR dwarf
dwarves N_PL_OLR dwarf
dwelt V_PST_OLR dwell
dwelt V_PSP_OLR dwell
dwelt V_PAS-P_ODLR dwell
dwelled V_PST_OLR dwell
dwelled V_PSP_OLR dwell
dwelled V_PAS-P_ODLR dwell
earnings N_PL_OLR earnings
eaten V_PSP_OLR eat
eaten V_PAS_ODLR eat
echoes N_PL_OLR echo
echoes V_3S-FIN_OLR echo
elderly N_PL_OLR elderly
electronics N_PL_OLR electronics
elite N_PL_OLR elite
elk N_PL_OLR elk
ellipses N_PL_OLR ellipsis
elves N_PL_OLR elf
embedded V_PST_OLR embed
embedded V_PSP_OLR embed
embedded V_PAS_ODLR embed
embedding V_PRP_OLR embed
embowered V_PST_OLR embower
embowered V_PSP_OLR embower
embowered V_PAS_ODLR embower
embowering V_PRP_OLR embower
embroidered V_PST_OLR embroider
embroidered V_PSP_OLR embroider
embroidered V_PAS_ODLR embroider
embroidering V_PRP_OLR embroider
emitted V_PST_OLR emit
emitted V_PSP_OLR emit
emitted V_PAS_ODLR emit
emitting V_PRP_OLR emit
emphases N_PL_OLR emphasis
employed N_PL_OLR employed
empowered V_PST_OLR empower
empowered V_PSP_OLR empower
empowered V_PAS_ODLR empower
empowering V_PRP_OLR empower
encountered V_PST_OLR encounter
encountered V_PSP_OLR encounter
encountered V_PAS_ODLR encounter
encountering V_PRP_OLR encounter
encumbered V_PST_OLR encumber
encumbered V_PSP_OLR encumber
encumbered V_PAS_ODLR encumber
encumbering V_PRP_OLR encumber
endangered V_PST_OLR endanger
endangered V_PSP_OLR endanger
endangered V_PAS_ODLR endanger
endangering V_PRP_OLR endanger
endeavored V_PST_OLR endeavor
endeavored V_PSP_OLR endeavor
endeavoring V_PRP_OLR endeavor
engendered V_PST_OLR engender
engendered V_PSP_OLR engender
engendered V_PAS_ODLR engender
engendering V_PRP_OLR engender
english N_PL_OLR english
englishmen N_PL_OLR englishman
enlightened V_PST_OLR enlighten
enlightened V_PSP_OLR enlighten
enlightened V_PAS_ODLR enlighten
enlightening V_PRP_OLR enlighten
entered V_PST_OLR enter
entered V_PSP_OLR enter
entered V_PAS_ODLR enter
entering V_PRP_OLR enter
environed V_PST_OLR environ
environed V_PSP_OLR environ
environed V_PAS_ODLR environ
environing V_PRP_OLR environ
environs N_PL_OLR environs
equilibria N_PL_OLR equilibrium
equipped V_PST_OLR equip
equipped V_PSP_OLR equip
equipped V_PAS_ODLR equip
equipping V_PRP_OLR equip
equities N_PL_OLR equities
ergonomics N_PL_OLR ergonomics
evened V_PST_OLR even
evened V_PSP_OLR even
evened V_PAS_ODLR even
evening V_PRP_OLR even
exhibited V_PST_OLR exhibit
exhibited V_PSP_OLR exhibit
exhibited V_PAS_ODLR exhibit
exhibiting V_PRP_OLR exhibit
exited V_PST_OLR exit
exited V_PSP_OLR exit
exiting V_PRP_OLR exit
experienced N_PL_OLR experienced
factored V_PST_OLR factor
factored V_PSP_OLR factor
factored V_PAS_ODLR factor
factoring V_PRP_OLR factor
faithful N_PL_OLR faithful
fallen N_PL_OLR fallen
fallen V_PSP_OLR fall
faltered V_PST_OLR falter
faltered V_PSP_OLR falter
faltered V_PAS_ODLR falter
faltering V_PRP_OLR falter
farmwives N_PL_OLR farmwife
fastened V_PST_OLR fasten
fastened V_PSP_OLR fasten
fastened V_PAS_ODLR fasten
fastening V_PRP_OLR fasten
fathered V_PST_OLR father
fathered V_PSP_OLR father
fathered V_PAS_ODLR father
fathering V_PRP_OLR father
fattened V_PST_OLR fatten
fattened V_PSP_OLR fatten
fattened V_PAS_ODLR fatten
fattening V_PRP_OLR fatten
fauna N_PL_OLR fauna
favored V_PST_OLR favor
favored V_PSP_OLR favor
favored V_PAS_ODLR favor
favoring V_PRP_OLR favor
feathered V_PST_OLR feather
feathered V_PSP_OLR feather
feathered V_PAS_ODLR feather
feathering V_PRP_OLR feather
fed V_PST_OLR feed
fed V_PSP_OLR feed
fed V_PAS_ODLR feed
fed V_PAS-DAT_ODLR feed
feet N_PL_OLR foot
fell V_PST_OLR fall
felt V_PST_OLR feel
felt V_PSP_OLR feel
felt V_PAS_ODLR feel
felt V_PAS-CP_ODLR feel
fetal N_PL_OLR fetal
fettered V_PST_OLR fetter
fettered V_PSP_OLR fetter
fettered V_PAS_ODLR fetter
fettering V_PRP_OLR fetter
few N_PL_OLR few
ff N_PL_OLR ff
filtered V_PST_OLR filter
filtered V_PSP_OLR filter
filtered V_PAS_ODLR filter
filtering V_PRP_OLR filter
financemen N_PL_OLR financeman
fingered V_PST_OLR finger
fingered V_PSP_OLR finger
fingered V_PAS_ODLR finger
fingering V_PRP_OLR finger
finnish N_PL_OLR finnish
firemen N_PL_OLR fireman
fireworks N_PL_OLR fireworks
fish N_PL_OLR fish
fishermen N_PL_OLR fisherman
fit V_PST_OLR fit
fit V_PSP_OLR fit
fitted V_PST_OLR fit
fitted V_PSP_OLR fit
fitted V_PAS_ODLR fit
fitting V_PRP_OLR fit
flagged V_PST_OLR flag
flagged V_PSP_OLR flag
flagged V_PAS_ODLR flag
flagging V_PRP_OLR flag
flapped V_PST_OLR flap
flapped V_PSP_OLR flap
flapped V_PAS_ODLR flap
flapping V_PRP_OLR flap
flattened V_PST_OLR flatten
flattened V_PSP_OLR flatten
flattened V_PAS_ODLR flatten
flattening V_PRP_OLR flatten
flattered V_PST_OLR flatter
flattered V_PSP_OLR flatter
flattered V_PAS_ODLR flatter
flattering V_PRP_OLR flatter
flavored V_PST_OLR flavor
flavored V_PSP_OLR flavor
flavored V_PAS_ODLR flavor
flavoring V_PRP_OLR flavor
fled V_PST_OLR flee
fled V_PSP_OLR flee
flemish N_PL_OLR flemish
flew V_PST_OLR fly
flickered V_PST_OLR flicker
flickered V_PSP_OLR flicker
flickered V_PAS_ODLR flicker
flickering V_PRP_OLR flicker
flipped V_PST_OLR flip
flipped V_PSP_OLR flip
flipped V_PAS_ODLR flip
flipping V_PRP_OLR flip
flogged V_PST_OLR flog
flogged V_PSP_OLR flog
flogged V_PAS_ODLR flog
flogging V_PRP_OLR flog
flopped V_PST_OLR flop
flopped V_PSP_OLR flop
flopped V_PAS_ODLR flop
flopping V_PRP_OLR flop
flora N_PL_OLR flora
flowered V_PST_OLR flower
flowered V_PSP_OLR flower
flowered V_PAS_ODLR flower
flowering V_PRP_OLR flower
flown V_PSP_OLR fly
flown V_PAS_ODLR fly
flung V_PST_OLR fling
flung V_PSP_OLR fling
flung V_PAS_ODLR fling
fluttered V_PST_OLR flutter
fluttered V_PSP_OLR flutter
fluttered V_PAS_ODLR flutter
fluttering V_PRP_OLR flutter
foci N_PL_OLR focus
focuses V_3S-FIN_OLR focus
focused V_PST_OLR focus
focused V_PSP_OLR focus
focused V_PAS_ODLR focus
focused V_PAS-P_ODLR focus
focusing V_PRP_OLR focus
fogged V_PST_OLR fog
fogged V_PSP_OLR fog
fogged V_PAS_ODLR fog
fogging V_PRP_OLR fog
fold N_PL_OLR fold
folds N_PL_OLR fold
folk N_PL_OLR folk
folks N_PL_OLR folk
following N_PL_OLR following
followings N_PL_OLR following
footwear N_PL_OLR footwear
fora N_PL_OLR forum
forbade V_PST_OLR forbid
forbidden V_PSP_OLR forbid
forbidden V_PAS_ODLR forbid
forbidding V_PRP_OLR forbid
forbore V_PST_OLR forbear
forborn V_PSP_OLR forbear
forborn V_PAS_ODLR forbear
forecast V_PST_OLR forecast
forecast V_PSP_OLR forecast
forecast V_PAS_ODLR forecast
forecast V_PAS-CP_ODLR forecast
forewent V_PST_OLR forego
foregone V_PSP_OLR forego
foregone V_PAS_ODLR forego
foresaw V_PST_OLR foresee
foreseen V_PSP_OLR foresee
foreseen V_PAS_ODLR foresee
forgave V_PST_OLR forgive
forgetting V_PRP_OLR forget
forgiven V_PSP_OLR forgive
forgiven V_PAS_ODLR forgive
forgiven V_PAS-DAT_ODLR forgive
forgot V_PST_OLR forget
forgotten V_PSP_OLR forget
forgotten V_PAS_ODLR forget
forgotten V_PAS-CP_ODLR forget
forgotten V_PAS-P_ODLR forget
formatted V_PST_OLR format
formatted V_PSP_OLR format
formatted V_PAS_ODLR format
formatting V_PRP_OLR format
former N_PL_OLR former
formulae N_PL_OLR formula
formulas N_PL_OLR formula
forsaw V_PST_OLR forsee
forseen V_PSP_OLR forsee
forseen V_PAS_ODLR forsee
forsook V_PST_OLR forsake
forsaken V_PSP_OLR forsake
forsaken V_PAS_ODLR forsake
forums N_PL_OLR forum
fostered V_PST_OLR foster
fostered V_PSP_OLR foster
fostered V_PAS_ODLR foster
fostering V_PRP_OLR foster
fought V_PST_OLR fight
fought V_PSP_OLR fight
fought V_PAS_ODLR fight
fought V_PAS-P_ODLR fight
found V_PST_OLR find
found V_PSP_OLR find
found V_PAS_ODLR find
found V_PAS-CP_ODLR find
found V_PAS-DAT_ODLR find
foundered V_PST_OLR founder
foundered V_PSP_OLR founder
foundered V_PAS_ODLR founder
foundering V_PRP_OLR founder
frenchmen N_PL_OLR frenchman
freshened V_PST_OLR freshen
freshened V_PSP_OLR freshen
freshened V_PAS_ODLR freshen
freshening V_PRP_OLR freshen
freshmen N_PL_OLR freshman
fretted V_PST_OLR fret
fretted V_PSP_OLR fret
fretted V_PAS_ODLR fret
fretting V_PRP_OLR fret
frightened V_PST_OLR frighten
frightened V_PSP_OLR frighten
frightened V_PAS_ODLR frighten
frightening V_PRP_OLR frighten
frittered V_PST_OLR fritter
frittered V_PSP_OLR fritter
frittering V_PRP_OLR fritter
froze V_PST_OLR freeze
frozen V_PSP_OLR freeze
frozen V_PAS_ODLR freeze
ft N_PL_OLR ft
ft. N_PL_OLR ft.
fuelled V_PST_OLR fuel
fuelled V_PSP_OLR fuel
fuelled V_PAS_ODLR fuel
fungi N_PL_OLR fungus
furnishings N_PL_OLR furnishings
furthered V_PST_OLR further
furthered V_PSP_OLR further
furthered V_PAS_ODLR further
furthering V_PRP_OLR further
gagged V_PST_OLR gag
gagged V_PSP_OLR gag
gagged V_PAS_ODLR gag
gagging V_PRP_OLR gag
gal N_PL_OLR gal
gal. N_PL_OLR gal.
gallows N_PL_OLR gallows
ganglia N_PL_OLR ganglium
gardened V_PST_OLR garden
gardened V_PSP_OLR garden
gardened V_PAS_ODLR garden
gardening V_PRP_OLR garden
garrisoned V_PST_OLR garrison
garrisoned V_PSP_OLR garrison
garrisoned V_PAS_ODLR garrison
garrisoning V_PRP_OLR garrison
gases N_PL_OLR gas
gathered V_PST_OLR gather
gathered V_PSP_OLR gather
gathered V_PAS_ODLR gather
gathering V_PRP_OLR gather
gave V_PST_OLR give
gb N_PL_OLR gb
geese N_PL_OLR goose
genera N_PL_OLR genus
gentlemen N_PL_OLR gentleman
getting V_PRP_OLR get
gifted N_PL_OLR gifted
gig N_PL_OLR gig
gigged V_PST_OLR gig 
gigged V_PSP_OLR gig 
gigged V_PAS_ODLR gig 
gigging V_PRP_OLR gig
gigahertz N_PL_OLR gigahertz
given V_PSP_OLR give
given V_PAS_ODLR give
given V_PAS-DAT_ODLR give
glimmered V_PST_OLR glimmer
glimmered V_PSP_OLR glimmer
glimmered V_PAS_ODLR glimmer
glimmering V_PRP_OLR glimmer
glistened V_PST_OLR glisten
glistened V_PSP_OLR glisten
glistened V_PAS_ODLR glisten
glistening V_PRP_OLR glisten
glittered V_PST_OLR glitter
glittered V_PSP_OLR glitter
glittered V_PAS_ODLR glitter
glittering V_PRP_OLR glitter
glowered V_PST_OLR glower
glowered V_PSP_OLR glower
glowered V_PAS_ODLR glower
glowering V_PRP_OLR glower
goes V_3S-FIN_OLR go
going V_PRP_OLR go
goldfish N_PL_OLR goldfish
gone V_PSP_OLR go
gone V_PAS-P_ODLR go
goodies N_PL_OLR goodies
gossipped V_PST_OLR gossip
gossipped V_PSP_OLR gossip
gossipped V_PAS_ODLR gossip
gossipping V_PRP_OLR gossip
got V_PST_OLR get
got V_PSP_OLR get
got V_PAS_ODLR get
gotten V_PSP_OLR get
gotten V_PAS_ODLR get
governed N_PL_OLR governed
grandfathered V_PST_OLR grandfather
grandfathered V_PSP_OLR grandfather
grandfathered V_PAS_ODLR grandfather
grandfathering V_PRP_OLR grandfather
granted N_PL_OLR granted
grepped V_PST_OLR grep
grepped V_PSP_OLR grep
grepped V_PAS_ODLR grep
grepping V_PRP_OLR grep
grew V_PST_OLR grow
gritted V_PST_OLR grit
gritted V_PSP_OLR grit
gritted V_PAS_ODLR grit
gritting V_PRP_OLR grit
grokked V_PST_OLR grok
grokked V_PSP_OLR grok
grokked V_PAS_ODLR grok
grokking V_PRP_OLR grok
grottoes N_PL_OLR grotto
grouse N_PL_OLR grouse
ground V_PST_OLR grind
ground V_PSP_OLR grind
ground V_PAS_ODLR grind
grinded V_PST_OLR grind
grinded V_PSP_OLR grind
grinded V_PAS_ODLR grind
grinned V_PST_OLR grin
grinned V_PSP_OLR grin
grinned V_PAS_ODLR grin
grinning V_PRP_OLR grin
gripped V_PST_OLR grip
gripped V_PSP_OLR grip
gripped V_PAS_ODLR grip
gripping V_PRP_OLR grip
grown V_PSP_OLR grow
grown V_PAS_ODLR grow
gullible N_PL_OLR gullible
gummed V_PST_OLR gum
gummed V_PSP_OLR gum
gummed V_PAS_ODLR gum
gumming V_PRP_OLR gum
gunmen N_PL_OLR gunman
gunned V_PST_OLR gun
gunned V_PSP_OLR gun
gunned V_PAS_ODLR gun
gunning V_PRP_OLR gun
gutted V_PST_OLR gut
gutted V_PSP_OLR gut
gutted V_PAS_ODLR gut
gutting V_PRP_OLR gut
gymnastics N_PL_OLR gymnastics
had V_PST_OLR have
had V_PSP_OLR have
halves N_PL_OLR half
hammered V_PST_OLR hammer
hammered V_PSP_OLR hammer
hammered V_PAS_ODLR hammer
hammering V_PRP_OLR hammer
hampered V_PST_OLR hamper
hampered V_PSP_OLR hamper
hampered V_PAS_ODLR hamper
hampering V_PRP_OLR hamper
handicapped V_PST_OLR handicap
handicapped V_PSP_OLR handicap
handicapped V_PAS_ODLR handicap
handicapping V_PRP_OLR handicap
hanged V_PST_OLR hang
hanged V_PSP_OLR hang
hanged V_PAS_ODLR hang
hangmen N_PL_OLR hangman
happed V_PST_OLR hap
happed V_PSP_OLR hap
happed V_PAS_ODLR hap
happing V_PRP_OLR hap
happened V_PST_OLR happen
happened V_PSP_OLR happen
happening V_PRP_OLR happen
harbored V_PST_OLR harbor
harbored V_PSP_OLR harbor
harbored V_PAS_ODLR harbor
harboring V_PRP_OLR harbor
hardened V_PST_OLR harden
hardened V_PSP_OLR harden
hardened V_PAS_ODLR harden
hardening V_PRP_OLR harden
hardy N_PL_OLR hardy
has V_3S-FIN_OLR have
hastened V_PST_OLR hasten
hastened V_PSP_OLR hasten
hastened V_PAS_ODLR hasten
hastening V_PRP_OLR hasten
hatted N_N-ED_ODLR hat
headquartered V_PST_OLR headquarter
headquartered V_PSP_OLR headquarter
headquartered V_PAS_ODLR headquarter
headquartering V_PRP_OLR headquarter
headquarters N_PL_OLR headquarters
heard V_PST_OLR hear
heard V_PSP_OLR hear
heard V_PAS_ODLR hear
heathen N_PL_OLR heathen
hectored V_PST_OLR hector
hectored V_PSP_OLR hector
hectored V_PAS_ODLR hector
hectoring V_PRP_OLR hector
heightened V_PAS_ODLR heighten
heightened V_PST_OLR heighten
heightened V_PSP_OLR heighten
heightening V_PRP_OLR heighten
held V_PST_OLR hold
held V_PSP_OLR hold
held V_PAS_ODLR hold
herdsmen N_PL_OLR herdsman
heroes N_PL_OLR hero
herpes N_PL_OLR herpes
herring N_PL_OLR herring
hid V_PST_OLR hide
hidden V_PSP_OLR hide
hidden V_PAS_ODLR hide
highwaymen N_PL_OLR highwayman
hindered V_PST_OLR hinder
hindered V_PSP_OLR hinder
hindered V_PAS_ODLR hinder
hindering V_PRP_OLR hinder
hindmost N_PL_OLR hindmost
hit V_PST_OLR hit
hit V_PSP_OLR hit
hit V_PAS_ODLR hit
hitting V_PRP_OLR hit
hogged V_PST_OLR hog
hogged V_PSP_OLR hog
hogged V_PAS_ODLR hog
hogging V_PRP_OLR hog
hollered V_PST_OLR holler
hollered V_PSP_OLR holler
hollered V_PAS_ODLR holler
hollering V_PRP_OLR holler
holstered V_PST_OLR holster
holstered V_PSP_OLR holster
holstered V_PAS_ODLR holster
holstering V_PRP_OLR holster
homeless N_PL_OLR homeless
honored V_PST_OLR honor
honored V_PSP_OLR honor
honored V_PAS_ODLR honor
honoring V_PRP_OLR honor
hoofs N_PL_OLR hoof
hooves N_PL_OLR hoof
hopped V_PST_OLR hop
hopped V_PSP_OLR hop
hopped V_PAS_ODLR hop
hopping V_PRP_OLR hop
horsepower N_PL_OLR horsepower
hotted V_PST_OLR hot
hotted V_PSP_OLR hot
hotted V_PAS_ODLR hot
hotting V_PRP_OLR hot
hovered V_PST_OLR hover
hovered V_PSP_OLR hover
hovered V_PAS_ODLR hover
hovering V_PRP_OLR hover
hrs. N_PL_OLR hrs.
huckstered V_PST_OLR huckster
huckstered V_PSP_OLR huckster
huckstered V_PAS_ODLR huckster
huckstering V_PRP_OLR huckster
hugged V_PST_OLR hug
hugged V_PSP_OLR hug
hugged V_PAS_ODLR hug
hugging V_PRP_OLR hug
hummed V_PST_OLR hum
hummed V_PSP_OLR hum
hummed V_PAS_ODLR hum
humming V_PRP_OLR hum
humored V_PST_OLR humor
humored V_PSP_OLR humor
humored V_PAS_ODLR humor
humoring V_PRP_OLR humor
hundreds N_PL_OLR hundreds
hung V_PST_OLR hang
hung V_PSP_OLR hang
hung V_PAS_ODLR hang
hungered V_PST_OLR hunger
hungered V_PSP_OLR hunger
hungered V_PAS_ODLR hunger
hungering V_PRP_OLR hunger
hunkered V_PST_OLR hunker
hunkered V_PSP_OLR hunker
hunkered V_PAS_ODLR hunker
hunkering V_PRP_OLR hunker
hurt V_PST_OLR hurt
hurt V_PSP_OLR hurt
hurt V_PAS_ODLR hurt
hydraulics N_PL_OLR hydraulics
hypotheses N_PL_OLR hypothesis
hytter N_PL_OLR hytter
imbedded V_PST_OLR imbed
imbedded V_PSP_OLR imbed
imbedded V_PAS_ODLR imbed
imbedding V_PRP_OLR imbed
imprisoned V_PST_OLR imprison
imprisoned V_PSP_OLR imprison
imprisoned V_PAS_ODLR imprison
imprisoning V_PRP_OLR imprison
incubi N_PL_OLR incubus
incurred V_PST_OLR incur
incurred V_PSP_OLR incur
incurred V_PAS_ODLR incur
incurring V_PRP_OLR incur
inexperienced N_PL_OLR inexperienced
inferred V_PST_OLR infer
inferred V_PSP_OLR infer
inferred V_PAS_ODLR infer
inferring V_PRP_OLR infer
injured N_PL_OLR injured
input V_PST_OLR input
input V_PSP_OLR input
input V_PAS_ODLR input
inputting V_PRP_OLR input
insectivora N_PL_OLR insectivora
intangible N_PL_OLR intangible
interpreted V_PST_OLR interpret
interpreted V_PSP_OLR interpret
interpreted V_PAS_ODLR interpret
interpreting V_PRP_OLR interpret
interred V_PST_OLR inter
interred V_PSP_OLR inter
interred V_PAS_ODLR inter
interring V_PRP_OLR inter
irises N_PL_OLR iris
irish N_PL_OLR irish
irishmen N_PL_OLR irishman
ironed V_PST_OLR iron
ironed V_PSP_OLR iron
ironed V_PAS_ODLR iron
ironing V_PRP_OLR iron
ironworks N_PL_OLR ironworks
jacuzzis N_PL_OLR jacuzzi
japanese N_PL_OLR japanese
jarred V_PST_OLR jar
jarred V_PSP_OLR jar
jarred V_PAS_ODLR jar
jarring V_PRP_OLR jar
jetted V_PST_OLR jet
jetted V_PSP_OLR jet
jetted V_PAS_ODLR jet
jetting V_PRP_OLR jet
jogged V_PST_OLR jog
jogged V_PSP_OLR jog
jogged V_PAS_ODLR jog
jogging V_PRP_OLR jog
jotted V_PST_OLR jot
jotted V_PSP_OLR jot
jotted V_PAS_ODLR jot
jotting V_PRP_OLR jot
journaled V_PST_OLR journal
journaled V_PSP_OLR journal
journaled V_PAS_ODLR journal
journaling V_PRP_OLR journal
jutted V_PST_OLR jut
jutted V_PSP_OLR jut
jutted V_PAS_ODLR jut
jutting V_PRP_OLR jut
_k N_PL_OLR _k
_k. N_PL_OLR _k.
k N_PL_OLR k
k. N_PL_OLR k.
kb N_PL_OLR kb
kb. N_PL_OLR kb.
kept V_PST_OLR keep
kept V_PSP_OLR keep
kept V_PAS_ODLR keep
kidded V_PST_OLR kid
kidded V_PSP_OLR kid
kidded V_PAS_ODLR kid
kidding V_PRP_OLR kid
kidnapped V_PST_OLR kidnap
kidnapped V_PSP_OLR kidnap
kidnapped V_PAS_ODLR kidnap
kidnapping V_PRP_OLR kidnap
kin N_PL_OLR kin
kinetics N_PL_OLR kinetics
kinsmen N_PL_OLR kinsman
kitted V_PST_OLR kit
kitted V_PSP_OLR kit
kitted V_PAS_ODLR kit
kitting V_PRP_OLR kit
kneecapped V_PST_OLR kneecap
kneecapped V_PSP_OLR kneecap
kneecapped V_PAS_ODLR kneecap
kneecapping V_PRP_OLR kneecap
knelt V_PST_OLR kneel
knelt V_PSP_OLR kneel
knew V_PST_OLR know
knit V_PST_OLR knit
knit V_PSP_OLR knit
knit V_PAS_ODLR knit
knitted V_PST_OLR knit
knitted V_PSP_OLR knit
knitted V_PAS_ODLR knit
knitting V_PRP_OLR knit
knives N_PL_OLR knife
knotted V_PST_OLR knot
knotted V_PSP_OLR knot
knotted V_PAS_ODLR knot
knotting V_PRP_OLR knot
known V_PSP_OLR know
known V_PAS_ODLR know
known V_PAS-CP_ODLR know
known V_PAS-P_ODLR know
krona N_PL_OLR krona
krone N_PL_OLR krone
kr. N_PL_OLR kr.
labored V_PST_OLR labor
labored V_PSP_OLR labor
labored V_PAS_ODLR labor
laboring V_PRP_OLR labor
lagged V_PST_OLR lag
lagged V_PSP_OLR lag
lagged V_PAS_ODLR lag
lagging V_PRP_OLR lag
laid V_PST_OLR lay
laid V_PSP_OLR lay
laid V_PAS_ODLR lay
lain V_PSP_OLR lie
lapped V_PST_OLR lap
lapped V_PSP_OLR lap
lapped V_PAS_ODLR lap
lapping V_PRP_OLR lap
larvae N_PL_OLR larva
lathered V_PST_OLR lather
lathered V_PSP_OLR lather
lathered V_PAS_ODLR lather
lathering V_PRP_OLR lather
latter N_PL_OLR latter
lay V_PST_OLR lie
layered V_PST_OLR layer
layered V_PSP_OLR layer
layered V_PAS_ODLR layer
layering V_PRP_OLR layer
lazy N_PL_OLR lazy
leadsmen V_PST_OLR leadsman
leaned V_PST_OLR lean
leaned V_PSP_OLR lean
leaned V_PAS_ODLR lean
leant V_PST_OLR lean
leant V_PSP_OLR lean
leant V_PAS_ODLR lean
leaped V_PST_OLR leap
leaped V_PSP_OLR leap
leapt V_PST_OLR leap
leapt V_PSP_OLR leap
learned V_PST_OLR learn
learned V_PSP_OLR learn
learned V_PAS_ODLR learn
learnt V_PST_OLR learn
learnt V_PSP_OLR learn
learnt V_PAS_ODLR learn
leaved N_N-ED_ODLR leaf
leavened V_PST_OLR leaven
leavened V_PSP_OLR leaven
leavened V_PAS_ODLR leaven
leavening V_PRP_OLR leaven
leaves N_PL_OLR leaf
led V_PST_OLR lead
led V_PSP_OLR lead
led V_PAS_ODLR lead
left V_PST_OLR leave
left V_PSP_OLR leave
left V_PAS_ODLR leave
left V_PAS-DAT_ODLR leave
legged V_PST_OLR leg
legged V_PSP_OLR leg
legged V_PAS_ODLR leg
legging V_PRP_OLR leg
lengthened V_PST_OLR lengthen
lengthened V_PSP_OLR lengthen
lengthened V_PAS_ODLR lengthen
lengthening V_PRP_OLR lengthen
lenses N_PL_OLR lens
lent V_PST_OLR lend
lent V_PSP_OLR lend
lent V_PAS_ODLR lend
lent V_PAS-DAT_ODLR lend
lessened V_PAS_ODLR lessen
lessened V_PST_OLR lessen
lessened V_PSP_OLR lessen
lessening V_PRP_OLR lessen
let V_PST_OLR let
let V_PSP_OLR let
let V_PAS_ODLR let
lettered V_PST_OLR letter
lettered V_PSP_OLR letter
lettered V_PAS_ODLR letter
lettering V_PRP_OLR letter
letting V_PRP_OLR let
lice N_PL_OLR louse
lichen N_PL_OLR lichen
lichens N_PL_OLR lichen
lied V_PST_OLR lie
lied V_PSP_OLR lie
lied V_PAS-P_ODLR lie
lighted V_PST_OLR light
lighted V_PSP_OLR light
lighted V_PAS_ODLR light
limited V_PST_OLR limit
limited V_PSP_OLR limit
limited V_PAS_ODLR limit
lightened V_PST_OLR lighten
lightened V_PSP_OLR lighten
lightened V_PAS_ODLR lighten
lightening V_PRP_OLR lighten
limiting V_PRP_OLR limit
lingered V_PST_OLR linger
lingered V_PSP_OLR linger
lingering V_PRP_OLR linger
lira N_PL_OLR lira
lire N_PL_OLR lire
listened V_PST_OLR listen
listened V_PSP_OLR listen
listening V_PRP_OLR listen
lit V_PST_OLR light
lit V_PSP_OLR light
lit V_PAS_ODLR light
littered V_PST_OLR litter
littered V_PSP_OLR litter
littered V_PAS_ODLR litter
littering V_PRP_OLR litter
lives N_PL_OLR life
lifes N_PL_OLR life
lessened V_PAS_ODLR lessen
lessened V_PST_OLR lessen
lessened V_PSP_OLR lessen
lessening V_PRP_OLR lessen
leveled V_PST_OLR level
leveled V_PSP_OLR level
leveled V_PAS_ODLR level
leveling V_PRP_OLR level
levelled V_PST_OLR level
levelled V_PSP_OLR level
levelled V_PAS_ODLR level
levelling V_PRP_OLR level
levered V_PST_OLR lever
levered V_PSP_OLR lever
levered V_PAS_ODLR lever
levering V_PRP_OLR lever
livestock N_PL_OLR livestock
loaves N_PL_OLR loaf
logged V_PST_OLR log
logged V_PSP_OLR log
logged V_PAS_ODLR log
logging V_PRP_OLR log
logistics N_PL_OLR logistics
loosened V_PST_OLR loosen
loosened V_PSP_OLR loosen
loosened V_PAS_ODLR loosen
loosening V_PRP_OLR loosen
lopped V_PST_OLR lop
lopped V_PSP_OLR lop
lopped V_PAS_ODLR lop
lopping V_PRP_OLR lop
lost V_PST_OLR lose
lost V_PSP_OLR lose
lost V_PAS_ODLR lose
lowered V_PST_OLR lower
lowered V_PSP_OLR lower
lowered V_PAS_ODLR lower
lowering V_PRP_OLR lower
lugged V_PST_OLR lug
lugged V_PSP_OLR lug
lugged V_PAS_ODLR lug
lugging V_PRP_OLR lug
lumbered V_PST_OLR lumber
lumbered V_PSP_OLR lumber
lumbered V_PAS_ODLR lumber
lumbering V_PRP_OLR lumber
made V_PST_OLR make
made V_PSP_OLR make
made V_PAS_ODLR make
made V_PAS-DAT_ODLR make
madmen N_PL_OLR madman
mailmen N_PL_OLR mailman
majored V_PST_OLR major
majored V_PSP_OLR major
majored V_PAS_ODLR major
majoring V_PRP_OLR major
maltese N_PL_OLR maltese
mammalia N_PL_OLR mammalia
management N_PL_OLR management
maneuvered V_PST_OLR maneuver
maneuvered V_PSP_OLR maneuver
maneuvered V_PAS_ODLR maneuver
maneuvering V_PRP_OLR maneuver
manouvered V_PST_OLR manouver
manouvered V_PSP_OLR manouver
manouvered V_PAS_ODLR manouver
manouvering V_PRP_OLR manouver
many N_PL_OLR many
mapped V_PST_OLR map
mapped V_PSP_OLR map
mapped V_PAS_ODLR map
mapping V_PRP_OLR map
marketed V_PST_OLR market
marketed V_PSP_OLR market
marketing V_PRP_OLR market
markka N_PL_OLR markka
marshaled V_PST_OLR marshal
marshaled V_PSP_OLR marshal
marshaled V_PAS_ODLR marshal
marshaling V_PRP_OLR marshal
marred V_PST_OLR mar
marred V_PSP_OLR mar
marred V_PAS_ODLR mar
marring V_PRP_OLR mar
marveled V_PST_OLR marvel
marveled V_PSP_OLR marvel
marveled V_PAS_ODLR marvel
marveling V_PRP_OLR marvel
mastered V_PST_OLR master
mastered V_PSP_OLR master
mastered V_PAS_ODLR master
mastering V_PRP_OLR master
matrices N_PL_OLR matrix
matrixes N_PL_OLR matrix
matted V_PST_OLR mat
matted V_PSP_OLR mat
matted V_PAS_ODLR mat
matting V_PRP_OLR mat
mattered V_PST_OLR matter
mattered V_PSP_OLR matter
mattering V_PRP_OLR matter
maxima N_PL_OLR maximum
maximums N_PL_OLR maximum
meandered V_PST_OLR meander
meandered V_PSP_OLR meander
meandered V_PAS_ODLR meander
meandering V_PRP_OLR meander
means N_PL_OLR means
meant V_PST_OLR mean
meant V_PSP_OLR mean
meant V_PAS_ODLR mean
meant V_PAS-CP_ODLR mean
media N_PL_OLR media
meg N_PL_OLR meg
memoranda N_PL_OLR memorandum
men N_PL_OLR man
menses N_PL_OLR menses
met V_PST_OLR meet
met V_PSP_OLR meet
met V_PAS_ODLR meet
metadata N_PL_OLR metadata
metamorphoses N_PL_OLR metamorphosis
meter_abb N_PL_OLR meter_abb
metered V_PST_OLR meter
metered V_PSP_OLR meter
metered V_PAS_ODLR meter
metering V_PRP_OLR meter
mice N_PL_OLR mouse
microm N_PL_OLR microm
military N_PL_OLR military
militia N_PL_OLR militia
millennia N_PL_OLR millennium
millions N_PL_OLR millions
min N_PL_OLR min
minima N_PL_OLR minimum
minimums N_PL_OLR minimum
ministered V_PST_OLR minister
ministered V_PSP_OLR minister
ministered V_PAS_ODLR minister
ministering V_PRP_OLR minister
minuses N_PL_OLR minus
mips N_PL_OLR mips
mirrored V_PST_OLR mirror
mirrored V_PSP_OLR mirror
mirrored V_PAS_ODLR mirror
mirroring V_PRP_OLR mirror
misfed V_PST_OLR misfeed
misfed V_PSP_OLR misfeed
misfed V_PAS_ODLR misfeed
misinterpreted V_PST_OLR misinterpret
misinterpreted V_PSP_OLR misinterpret
misinterpreted V_PAS_ODLR misinterpret
misinterpreting V_PRP_OLR misinterpret
mislaid V_PST_OLR mislay
mislaid V_PSP_OLR mislay
mislaid V_PAS_ODLR mislay
misled V_PST_OLR mislead
misled V_PSP_OLR mislead
misled V_PAS_ODLR mislead
misread V_PST_OLR misread
misread V_PSP_OLR misread
misread V_PAS_ODLR misread
mistook V_PST_OLR mistake
mistaken V_PSP_OLR mistake
mistaken V_PAS_ODLR mistake
misunderstood V_PST_OLR misunderstand
misunderstood V_PSP_OLR misunderstand
misunderstood V_PAS_ODLR misunderstand
ml N_PL_OLR ml
ml. N_PL_OLR ml.
mm N_PL_OLR mm
mm. N_PL_OLR mm.
mol N_PL_OLR mol
mol. N_PL_OLR mol.
modeled V_PST_OLR model
modeled V_PSP_OLR model
modeled V_PAS_ODLR model
modeling V_PRP_OLR model
moistened V_PST_OLR moisten
moistened V_PSP_OLR moisten
moistened V_PAS_ODLR moisten
moistening V_PRP_OLR moisten
monitored V_PST_OLR monitor
monitored V_PSP_OLR monitor
monitored V_PAS_ODLR monitor
monitoring V_PRP_OLR monitor
moose N_PL_OLR moose
mopped V_PST_OLR mop
mopped V_PSP_OLR mop
mopped V_PAS_ODLR mop
mopping V_PRP_OLR mop
mothered V_PST_OLR mother
mothered V_PSP_OLR mother
mothered V_PAS_ODLR mother
mothering V_PRP_OLR mother
motored V_PST_OLR motor
motored V_PSP_OLR motor
motored V_PAS_ODLR motor
motoring V_PRP_OLR motor
mpg N_PL_OLR mpg
mpg. N_PL_OLR mpg.
mph N_PL_OLR mph
mph. N_PL_OLR mph.
msl N_PL_OLR msl
msl. N_PL_OLR msl.
mugged V_PST_OLR mug
mugged V_PSP_OLR mug
mugged V_PAS_ODLR mug
mugging V_PRP_OLR mug
murdered V_PST_OLR murder
murdered V_PSP_OLR murder
murdered V_PAS_ODLR murder
murdering V_PRP_OLR murder
murmured V_PST_OLR murmur
murmured V_PSP_OLR murmur
murmured V_PAS_ODLR murmur
murmuring V_PRP_OLR murmur
mustered V_PST_OLR muster
mustered V_PSP_OLR muster
mustered V_PAS_ODLR muster
mustering V_PRP_OLR muster
muttered V_PST_OLR mutter
muttered V_PSP_OLR mutter
muttered V_PAS_ODLR mutter
muttering V_PRP_OLR mutter
nagged V_PST_OLR nag
nagged V_PSP_OLR nag
nagged V_PAS_ODLR nag
nagging V_PRP_OLR nag
napped V_PST_OLR nap
napped V_PSP_OLR nap
napped V_PAS_ODLR nap
napping V_PRP_OLR nap
needy N_PL_OLR needy
negroes N_PL_OLR negro
neighbored V_PST_OLR neighbor
neighbored V_PSP_OLR neighbor
neighbored V_PAS_ODLR neighbor
neighboring V_PRP_OLR neighbor
nervous N_PL_OLR nervous
netted V_PST_OLR net
netted V_PSP_OLR net
netted V_PAS_ODLR net
netting V_PRP_OLR net
neutered V_PST_OLR neuter
neutered V_PSP_OLR neuter
neutered V_PAS_ODLR neuter
neutering V_PRP_OLR neuter
nipped V_PST_OLR nip
nipped V_PSP_OLR nip
nipped V_PAS_ODLR nip
nipping V_PRP_OLR nip
nodded V_PST_OLR nod
nodded V_PSP_OLR nod
nodded V_PAS_ODLR nod
nodding V_PRP_OLR nod
noes N_PL_OLR no
nok N_PL_OLR nok
norse N_PL_OLR norse
norsemen N_PL_OLR norseman
nuclei N_PL_OLR nucleus
numbered V_PST_OLR number
numbered V_PSP_OLR number
numbered V_PAS_ODLR number
numbering V_PRP_OLR number
occurred V_PST_OLR occur
occurred V_PSP_OLR occur
occurred V_PAS_ODLR occur
occurring V_PRP_OLR occur
octopi N_PL_OLR octopus
odds N_PL_OLR odds
offered V_PST_OLR offer
offered V_PSP_OLR offer
offered V_PAS_ODLR offer
offering V_PRP_OLR offer
offset V_PST_OLR offset
offset V_PSP_OLR offset
offset V_PAS_ODLR offset
offsetting V_PRP_OLR offset
offspring N_PL_OLR offspring
old N_PL_OLR old
omitted V_PST_OLR omit
omitted V_PSP_OLR omit
omitted V_PAS_ODLR omit
omitting V_PRP_OLR omit
ones N_PL_OLR ones
opened V_PAS_ODLR open
opened V_PST_OLR open
opened V_PSP_OLR open
opening V_PRP_OLR open
ordered V_PST_OLR order
ordered V_PSP_OLR order
ordered V_PAS_ODLR order
ordering V_PRP_OLR order
orphaned V_PST_OLR orphan
orphaned V_PSP_OLR orphan
orphaned V_PAS_ODLR orphan
orphaning V_PRP_OLR orphan
outfitted V_PST_OLR outfit
outfitted V_PSP_OLR outfit
outfitted V_PAS_ODLR outfit
outfitting V_PRP_OLR outfit
output V_PST_OLR output
output V_PSP_OLR output
output V_PAS_ODLR output
outputting V_PRP_OLR output
outdoorsmen N_PL_OLR outdoorsman
outnumbered V_PST_OLR outnumber
outnumbered V_PSP_OLR outnumber
outnumbered V_PAS_ODLR outnumber
outnumbering V_PRP_OLR outnumber
outskirts N_PL_OLR outskirts
overate V_PST_OLR overeat
overcome V_PSP_OLR overcome
overcome V_PAS_ODLR overcome
overcame V_PST_OLR overcome
overdoing V_PRP_OLR overdo
overdoes V_3S-FIN_OLR overdo
overdone V_PSP_OLR overdo
overdone V_PAS_ODLR overdo
overdid V_PST_OLR overdo
overeaten V_PSP_OLR overeat
overheard V_PST_OLR overhear
overheard V_PSP_OLR overhear
overheard V_PAS_ODLR overhear
overlaid V_PSP_OLR overcome
overlaid V_PAS_ODLR overcome
overlaid V_PST_OLR overcome
overlapped V_PST_OLR overlap
overlapped V_PSP_OLR overlap
overlapped V_PAS_ODLR overlap
overlapping V_PRP_OLR overlap
overpowered V_PST_OLR overpower
overpowered V_PSP_OLR overpower
overpowered V_PAS_ODLR overpower
overpowering V_PRP_OLR overpower
overridden V_PSP_OLR override
overridden V_PAS_ODLR override
overrode V_PST_OLR override
overran V_PST_OLR overrun
overrun V_PSP_OLR overrun
overrun V_PAS_ODLR overrun
overrunning V_PRP_OLR overrun
overseen V_PST_OLR oversee
overseen V_PSP_OLR oversee
oversaw V_PAS_ODLR oversee
overspread V_PSP_OLR overspread
overspread V_PAS_ODLR overspread
overspread V_PST_OLR overspread
overstepped V_PST_OLR overstep
overstepped V_PSP_OLR overstep
overstepped V_PAS_ODLR overstep
overstepping V_PRP_OLR overstep
overtaken V_PST_OLR overtake
overtaken V_PSP_OLR overtake
overtook V_PAS_ODLR overtake
overthrew V_PST_OLR overthrow
overthrown V_PSP_OLR overthrow
overthrown V_PAS_ODLR overthrow
overwritten V_PSP_OLR overwrite
overwritten V_PAS_ODLR overwrite
overwrote V_PST_OLR overwrite
own N_PL_OLR own
oxen N_PL_OLR ox
oz N_PL_OLR oz
oz. N_PL_OLR oz.
padded V_PST_OLR pad
padded V_PSP_OLR pad
padded V_PAS_ODLR pad
padding V_PRP_OLR pad
paid V_PST_OLR pay
paid V_PSP_OLR pay
paid V_PAS_ODLR pay
paid V_PAS-DAT_ODLR pay
paid V_PAS-P_ODLR pay
paneled V_PST_OLR panel
paneled V_PSP_OLR panel
paneled V_PAS_ODLR panel
paneling V_PRP_OLR panel
parceled V_PST_OLR parcel
parceled V_PSP_OLR parcel
parceled V_PAS_ODLR parcel
parceling V_PRP_OLR parcel
pardoned V_PST_OLR pardon
pardoned V_PSP_OLR pardon
pardoned V_PAS_ODLR pardon
pardoning V_PRP_OLR pardon
parred V_PST_OLR par
parred V_PSP_OLR par
parred V_PAS_ODLR par
parring V_PRP_OLR par
partook V_PST_OLR partake
partaken V_PSP_OLR partake
particulars N_PL_OLR particulars
pastored V_PST_OLR pastor
pastored V_PSP_OLR pastor
pastored V_PAS_ODLR pastor
pastoring V_PRP_OLR pastor
patted V_PST_OLR pat
patted V_PSP_OLR pat
patted V_PAS_ODLR pat
patting V_PRP_OLR pat
pattered V_PST_OLR patter
pattered V_PSP_OLR patter
pattered V_PAS_ODLR patter
pattering V_PRP_OLR patter
patrolmen N_PL_OLR patrolman
pedaled V_PST_OLR pedal
pedaled V_PSP_OLR pedal
pedaled V_PAS_ODLR pedal
pedaling V_PRP_OLR pedal
pegged V_PST_OLR peg
pegged V_PSP_OLR peg
pegged V_PAS_ODLR peg
pegging V_PRP_OLR peg
pence N_PL_OLR penny
pennies N_PL_OLR penny
penciled V_PST_OLR pencil
penciled V_PSP_OLR pencil
penciled V_PAS_ODLR pencil
penciling V_PRP_OLR pencil
people N_PL_OLR people
peoples N_PL_OLR people
percent N_PL_OLR percent
% N_PL_OLR percent
permitted V_PST_OLR permit
permitted V_PSP_OLR permit
permitted V_PAS_ODLR permit
permitting V_PRP_OLR permit
personnel N_PL_OLR personnel
phenomena N_PL_OLR phenomena
phenomena N_PL_OLR phenomenon
peppered V_PST_OLR pepper
peppered V_PSP_OLR pepper
peppered V_PAS_ODLR pepper
peppering V_PRP_OLR pepper
petered V_PST_OLR peter
petered V_PSP_OLR peter
petered V_PAS_ODLR peter
petering V_PRP_OLR peter
petted V_PST_OLR pet
petted V_PSP_OLR pet
petted V_PAS_ODLR pet
petting V_PRP_OLR pet
pigged V_PST_OLR pig
pigged V_PSP_OLR pig
pigged V_PAS_ODLR pig
pigging V_PRP_OLR pig
pilfered V_PST_OLR pilfer
pilfered V_PSP_OLR pilfer
pilfered V_PAS_ODLR pilfer
pilfering V_PRP_OLR pilfer
pinned V_PST_OLR pin
pinned V_PSP_OLR pin
pinned V_PAS_ODLR pin
pinning V_PRP_OLR pin
pistoned V_PST_OLR piston
pistoned V_PSP_OLR piston
pistoned V_PAS_ODLR piston
pistoning V_PRP_OLR piston
pitted V_PST_OLR pit
pitted V_PSP_OLR pit
pitted V_PAS_ODLR pit
pitting V_PRP_OLR pit
plainclothesmen N_PL_OLR plainclothesman
plastered V_PST_OLR plaster
plastered V_PSP_OLR plaster
plastered V_PAS_ODLR plaster
plastering V_PRP_OLR plaster
pled V_PST_OLR plead
pled V_PSP_OLR plead
plodded V_PST_OLR plod
plodded V_PSP_OLR plod
plodded V_PAS_ODLR plod
plodding V_PRP_OLR plod
plopped V_PST_OLR plop
plopped V_PSP_OLR plop
plopped V_PAS_ODLR plop
plopping V_PRP_OLR plop
plotted V_PST_OLR plot
plotted V_PSP_OLR plot
plotted V_PAS_ODLR plot
plotting V_PRP_OLR plot
plugged V_PST_OLR plug
plugged V_PSP_OLR plug
plugged V_PAS_ODLR plug
plugging V_PRP_OLR plug
plundered V_PST_OLR plunder
plundered V_PSP_OLR plunder
plundered V_PAS_ODLR plunder
plundering V_PRP_OLR plunder
pluses N_PL_OLR plus
plusses N_PL_OLR plus
poconos N_PL_OLR poconos
pointer N_PL_OLR pointer
pointers N_PL_OLR pointer
poisoned V_PST_OLR poison
poisoned V_PSP_OLR poison
poisoned V_PAS_ODLR poison
poisoning V_PRP_OLR poison
police N_PL_OLR police
policemen N_PL_OLR policeman
polish N_PL_OLR polish
pondered V_PST_OLR ponder
pondered V_PSP_OLR ponder
pondered V_PAS_ODLR ponder
pondering V_PRP_OLR ponder
poor N_PL_OLR poor
popped V_PST_OLR pop
popped V_PSP_OLR pop
popped V_PAS_ODLR pop
popping V_PRP_OLR pop
portuguese N_PL_OLR portuguese
potatoes N_PL_OLR potato
potted V_PST_OLR pot
potted V_PSP_OLR pot
potted V_PAS_ODLR pot
potting V_PRP_OLR pot
powdered V_PST_OLR powder
powdered V_PSP_OLR powder
powdered V_PAS_ODLR powder
powdering V_PRP_OLR powder
powered V_PST_OLR power
powered V_PSP_OLR power
powered V_PAS_ODLR power
powering V_PRP_OLR power
powerful N_PL_OLR powerful
powerless N_PL_OLR powerless
preferred V_PST_OLR prefer
preferred V_PSP_OLR prefer
preferred V_PAS_ODLR prefer
preferring V_PRP_OLR prefer
preset V_PST_OLR preset
preset V_PSP_OLR preset
preset V_PAS_ODLR preset
presetting V_PRP_OLR preset
prey N_PL_OLR prey
prodded V_PST_OLR prod
prodded V_PSP_OLR prod
prodded V_PAS_ODLR prod
prodding V_PRP_OLR prod
profited V_PST_OLR profit
profited V_PSP_OLR profit
profiting V_PRP_OLR profit
propped V_PST_OLR prop
propped V_PSP_OLR prop
propped V_PAS_ODLR prop
propping V_PRP_OLR prop
proven V_PSP_OLR prove
proved V_PSP_OLR prove
proven V_PAS_ODLR prove
proved V_PAS_ODLR prove
psi N_PL_OLR psi
psi. N_PL_OLR psi.
ptarmigan N_PL_OLR ptarmigan
puckered V_PST_OLR pucker
puckered V_PSP_OLR pucker
puckered V_PAS_ODLR pucker
puckering V_PRP_OLR pucker
puffin N_PL_OLR puffin
punned V_PST_OLR pun
punned V_PSP_OLR pun
punned V_PAS_ODLR pun
punning V_PRP_OLR pun
put V_PST_OLR put
put V_PSP_OLR put
put V_PAS_ODLR put
putting V_PRP_OLR put
quarreled V_PST_OLR quarrel
quarreled V_PSP_OLR quarrel
quarreling V_PRP_OLR quarrel
quartered V_PST_OLR quarter
quartered V_PSP_OLR quarter
quartered V_PAS_ODLR quarter
quartering V_PRP_OLR quarter
quavered V_PST_OLR quaver
quavered V_PSP_OLR quaver
quavered V_PAS_ODLR quaver
quavering V_PRP_OLR quaver
quietened V_PST_OLR quieten
quietened V_PSP_OLR quieten
quietened V_PAS_ODLR quieten
quietening V_PRP_OLR quieten
quit V_PST_OLR quit
quit V_PSP_OLR quit
quitted V_PAS_ODLR quit
quitting V_PRP_OLR quit
quivered V_PST_OLR quiver
quivered V_PSP_OLR quiver
quivered V_PAS_ODLR quiver
quivering V_PRP_OLR quiver
quizzes V_3S-FIN_OLR quiz
quizzes N_PL_OLR quiz
quizzed V_PST_OLR quiz
quizzed V_PSP_OLR quiz
quizzing V_PRP_OLR quiz
quora N_PL_OLR quorum
rabies N_PL_OLR rabies
radiuses N_PL_OLR radius
radii N_PL_OLR radius
ragged V_PST_OLR rag
ragged V_PSP_OLR rag
ragged V_PAS_ODLR rag
ragging V_PRP_OLR rag
rainwear N_PL_OLR rainwear
ran V_PST_OLR run
rapped V_PST_OLR rap
rapped V_PSP_OLR rap
rapped V_PAS_ODLR rap
rapping V_PRP_OLR rap
recapped V_PST_OLR recap
recapped V_PSP_OLR recap
recapped V_PAS_ODLR recap
recapping V_PRP_OLR recap
reckoned V_PST_OLR reckon
reckoned V_PSP_OLR reckon
reckoned V_PAS_ODLR reckon
reckoning V_PRP_OLR reckon
reconnoitered V_PST_OLR reconnoiter
reconnoitered V_PSP_OLR reconnoiter
reconnoitered V_PAS_ODLR reconnoiter
reconnoitering V_PRP_OLR reconnoiter
reconsidered V_PST_OLR reconsider
reconsidered V_PSP_OLR reconsider
reconsidered V_PAS_ODLR reconsider
reconsidering V_PRP_OLR reconsider
recovered V_PST_OLR recover
recovered V_PSP_OLR recover
recovered V_PAS_ODLR recover
recovering V_PRP_OLR recover
recurred V_PST_OLR recur
recurred V_PSP_OLR recur
recurred V_PAS_ODLR recur
recurring V_PRP_OLR recur
referred V_PST_OLR refer
referred V_PSP_OLR refer
referred V_PAS_ODLR refer
referring V_PRP_OLR refer
renmimbi N_PL_OLR renmimbi
reopened V_PAS_ODLR reopen
reopened V_PST_OLR reopen
reopened V_PSP_OLR reopen
reopening V_PRP_OLR reopen
reran V_PST_OLR rerun
rerun V_PSP_OLR rerun
rerun V_PAS_ODLR rerun
rich N_PL_OLR rich
riches N_PL_OLR rich
rid V_PST_OLR rid
rid V_PSP_OLR rid
rid V_PAS_ODLR rid
ridded V_PST_OLR rid
ridded V_PSP_OLR rid
ridded V_PAS_ODLR rid
ridding V_PRP_OLR rid
riflemen N_PL_OLR rifleman
rigged V_PST_OLR rig
rigged V_PSP_OLR rig
rigged V_PAS_ODLR rig
rigging V_PRP_OLR rig
ringed V_PSP_OLR ring
ringed V_PAS_ODLR ring
ringed V_PST_OLR ring
ringgit N_PL_OLR ringgit
ripened V_PST_OLR ripen
ripened V_PSP_OLR ripen
ripened V_PAS_ODLR ripen
ripening V_PRP_OLR ripen
ripped V_PST_OLR rip
ripped V_PSP_OLR rip
ripped V_PAS_ODLR rip
ripping V_PRP_OLR rip
rivaled V_PST_OLR rival
rivaled V_PSP_OLR rival
rivaled V_PAS_ODLR rival
rivaling V_PRP_OLR rival
rpm N_PL_OLR rpm
run V_PSP_OLR run
run V_PAS_ODLR run
running V_PRP_OLR run
rung V_PSP_OLR ring
rung V_PAS_ODLR ring
rang V_PST_OLR ring
read V_PST_OLR read
read V_PSP_OLR read
read V_PAS_ODLR read
read V_PAS-P_ODLR read
reasoned V_PST_OLR reason
reasoned V_PSP_OLR reason
reasoned V_PAS_ODLR reason
reasoning V_PRP_OLR reason
rebuilt V_PST_OLR rebuild
rebuilt V_PSP_OLR rebuild
rebuilt V_PAS_ODLR rebuild
redeveloped V_PST_OLR redevelop
redeveloped V_PSP_OLR redevelop
redeveloped V_PAS_ODLR redevelop
redeveloping V_PRP_OLR redevelop
reddened V_PST_OLR redden
reddened V_PSP_OLR redden
reddened V_PAS_ODLR redden
reddening V_PRP_OLR redden
rediscovered V_PST_OLR rediscover
rediscovered V_PSP_OLR rediscover
rediscovered V_PAS_ODLR rediscover
rediscovering V_PRP_OLR rediscover
redid V_PST_OLR redo
redoes V_3S-FIN_OLR redo
redone V_PSP_OLR redo
redone V_PAS_ODLR redo
registered V_PST_OLR register
registered V_PSP_OLR register
registered V_PAS_ODLR register
registering V_PRP_OLR register
regretted V_PST_OLR regret
regretted V_PSP_OLR regret
regretted V_PAS_ODLR regret
regretting V_PRP_OLR regret
reindeer N_PL_OLR reindeer
reindeers N_PL_OLR reindeer
remains N_PL_OLR remains
remembered V_PST_OLR remember
remembered V_PSP_OLR remember
remembered V_PAS_ODLR remember
remembering V_PRP_OLR remember
remitted V_PST_OLR remit
remitted V_PSP_OLR remit
remitted V_PAS_ODLR remit
remitting V_PRP_OLR remit
rendered V_PST_OLR render
rendered V_PSP_OLR render
rendered V_PAS_ODLR render
rendering V_PRP_OLR render
rendezvous N_PL_OLR rendezvous
reordered V_PST_OLR reorder
reordered V_PSP_OLR reorder
reordered V_PAS_ODLR reorder
reordering V_PRP_OLR reorder
repaid V_PST_OLR repay
repaid V_PSP_OLR repay
repaid V_PAS_ODLR repay
repaid V_PAS-DAT_ODLR repay
resent V_PST_OLR resend
resent V_PSP_OLR resend
resent V_PAS_ODLR resend
resent V_PAS-DAT_ODLR resend
reset V_PST_OLR reset
reset V_PSP_OLR reset
reset V_PAS_ODLR reset
resetting V_PRP_OLR reset
resubmitted V_PST_OLR resubmit
resubmitted V_PSP_OLR resubmit
resubmitted V_PAS_ODLR resubmit
resubmitting V_PRP_OLR resubmit
rest N_PL_OLR rest
rid V_PST_OLR rid
rid V_PSP_OLR rid
rid V_PAS_ODLR rid
ridden V_PSP_OLR ride
ridden V_PAS_ODLR ride
risen V_PSP_OLR rise
rode V_PST_OLR ride
rose V_PST_OLR rise
rotted V_PST_OLR rot
rotted V_PSP_OLR rot
rotted V_PAS_ODLR rot
rotting V_PRP_OLR rot
run V_PSP_OLR run
run V_PAS_ODLR run
rutted V_PST_OLR rut
rutted V_PSP_OLR rut
rutted V_PAS_ODLR rut
rutting V_PRP_OLR rut
sagged V_PST_OLR sag
sagged V_PSP_OLR sag
sagged V_PAS_ODLR sag
sagging V_PRP_OLR sag
said V_PST_OLR say
said V_PSP_OLR say
said V_PAS_ODLR say
said V_PAS-CP_ODLR say
said V_PAS-P_ODLR say
salmon N_PL_OLR salmon
sang V_PST_OLR sing
sank V_PST_OLR sink
sapped V_PST_OLR sap
sapped V_PSP_OLR sap
sapped V_PAS_ODLR sap
sapping V_PRP_OLR sap
sarcophagi N_PL_OLR sarcophagus
sat V_PST_OLR sit
sat V_PSP_OLR sit
sitting V_PRP_OLR sit
savored V_PST_OLR savor
savored V_PSP_OLR savor
savored V_PAS_ODLR savor
savoring V_PRP_OLR savor
saw V_PST_OLR see
scarred V_PST_OLR scar
scarred V_PSP_OLR scar
scarred V_PAS_ODLR scar
scarring V_PRP_OLR scar
scarves N_PL_OLR scarf
scattered V_PST_OLR scatter
scattered V_PSP_OLR scatter
scattered V_PAS_ODLR scatter
scattering V_PRP_OLR scatter
schlepped V_PST_OLR schlep
schlepped V_PSP_OLR schlep
schlepped V_PAS_ODLR schlep
schlepping V_PRP_OLR schlep
scores N_PL_OLR scores
scotchmen N_PL_OLR scotchman
scotsmen N_PL_OLR scotsman
scrapped V_PST_OLR scrap
scrapped V_PSP_OLR scrap
scrapped V_PAS_ODLR scrap
scrapping V_PRP_OLR scrap
scudded V_PST_OLR scud
scudded V_PSP_OLR scud
scudded V_PAS_ODLR scud
scudding V_PRP_OLR scud
seamen N_PL_OLR seaman
seasoned V_PST_OLR season
seasoned V_PSP_OLR season
seasoned V_PAS_ODLR season
seasoning V_PRP_OLR season
seen V_PSP_OLR see
seen V_PAS_ODLR see
seen V_PAS-CP_ODLR see
selves N_PL_OLR self
semantics N_PL_OLR semantics
sent V_PST_OLR send
sent V_PSP_OLR send
sent V_PAS_ODLR send
sent V_PAS-DAT_ODLR send
series N_PL_OLR series
set V_PST_OLR set
set V_PSP_OLR set
set V_PAS_ODLR set
setting V_PRP_OLR set
severed V_PST_OLR sever
severed V_PSP_OLR sever
severed V_PAS_ODLR sever
severing V_PRP_OLR sever
sewed V_PST_OLR sew
sewed V_PSP_OLR sew
sewed V_PAS_ODLR sew
sewn V_PST_OLR sew
sewn V_PSP_OLR sew
sewn V_PAS_ODLR sew
shaken V_PSP_OLR shake
shaken V_PAS_ODLR shake
shaven V_PSP_OLR shave
shaven V_PAS_ODLR shave
shaved V_PSP_OLR shave
shaved V_PAS_ODLR shave
sharpened V_PST_OLR sharpen
sharpened V_PSP_OLR sharpen
sharpened V_PAS_ODLR sharpen
sharpening V_PRP_OLR sharpen
shattered V_PST_OLR shatter
shattered V_PSP_OLR shatter
shattered V_PAS_ODLR shatter
shattering V_PRP_OLR shatter
sheaves N_PL_OLR sheaf
shed V_PST_OLR shed
shed V_PSP_OLR shed
shed V_PAS_ODLR shed
shedding V_PRP_OLR shed
sheep N_PL_OLR sheep
shellfish N_PL_OLR shellfish
sheltered V_PST_OLR shelter
sheltered V_PSP_OLR shelter
sheltered V_PAS_ODLR shelter
sheltering V_PRP_OLR shelter
shelves N_PL_OLR shelf
shimmered V_PST_OLR shimmer
shimmered V_PSP_OLR shimmer
shimmered V_PAS_ODLR shimmer
shimmering V_PRP_OLR shimmer
shined V_PST_OLR shine
shined V_PSP_OLR shine
shined V_PAS_ODLR shine
shipped V_PST_OLR ship
shipped V_PSP_OLR ship
shipped V_PAS_ODLR ship
shipping V_PRP_OLR ship
shivered V_PST_OLR shiver
shivered V_PSP_OLR shiver
shivered V_PAS_ODLR shiver
shivering V_PRP_OLR shiver
shone V_PST_OLR shine
shone V_PSP_OLR shine
shone V_PAS_ODLR shine
shouldered V_PST_OLR shoulder
shouldered V_PSP_OLR shoulder
shouldered V_PAS_ODLR shoulder
shouldering V_PRP_OLR shoulder
shinned V_PST_OLR shin
shinned V_PSP_OLR shin
shinned V_PAS_ODLR shin
shinning V_PRP_OLR shin
shitted V_PST_OLR shit
shitted V_PSP_OLR shit
shitted V_PAS_ODLR shit
shitting V_PRP_OLR shit
shined V_PST_OLR shin
shopped V_PST_OLR shop
shopped V_PSP_OLR shop
shopped V_PAS_ODLR shop
shopping V_PRP_OLR shop
shortclothes N_PL_OLR shortclothes
shortened V_PSP_OLR shorten
shortened V_PAS_ODLR shorten
shortening V_PRP_OLR shorten
shook V_PST_OLR shake
shook V_PSP_OLR shake
shorn V_PSP_OLR shear
shorn V_PAS_ODLR shear
shot V_PST_OLR shoot
shot V_PSP_OLR shoot
shot V_PAS_ODLR shoot
shown V_PSP_OLR show
shown V_PAS_ODLR show
shown V_PAS-DAT_ODLR show
showed V_PSP_OLR show
showed V_PAS_ODLR show
showed V_PAS-DAT_ODLR show
showered V_PST_OLR shower
showered V_PSP_OLR shower
showered V_PAS_ODLR shower
showering V_PRP_OLR shower
shrank V_PST_OLR shrink
shredded V_PST_OLR shred
shredded V_PSP_OLR shred
shredded V_PAS_ODLR shred
shredding V_PRP_OLR shred
shrimp N_PL_OLR shrimp
shrimps N_PL_OLR shrimps
shrugged V_PST_OLR shrug
shrugged V_PSP_OLR shrug
shrugged V_PAS_ODLR shrug
shrugging V_PRP_OLR shrug
shrunk V_PST_OLR shrink
shrunk V_PSP_OLR shrink
shrunk V_PAS_ODLR shrink
shrunken V_PST_OLR shrink
shrunken V_PSP_OLR shrink
shrunken V_PAS_ODLR shrink
shuddered V_PST_OLR shudder
shuddered V_PSP_OLR shudder
shuddering V_PRP_OLR shudder
shunned V_PST_OLR shun
shunned V_PSP_OLR shun
shunned V_PAS_ODLR shun
shunning V_PRP_OLR shun
shut V_PST_OLR shut
shut V_PSP_OLR shut
shut V_PAS_ODLR shut
shutting V_PRP_OLR shut
shuttered V_PST_OLR shutter
shuttered V_PSP_OLR shutter
shuttered V_PAS_ODLR shutter
shuttering V_PRP_OLR shutter
sick N_PL_OLR sick
sickened V_PST_OLR sicken
sickened V_PSP_OLR sicken
sickened V_PAS_ODLR sicken
sickening V_PRP_OLR sicken
signaled V_PST_OLR signal
signaled V_PSP_OLR signal
signaled V_PAS_ODLR signal
signaling V_PRP_OLR signal
silvered V_PST_OLR silver
silvered V_PSP_OLR silver
silvered V_PAS_ODLR silver
silvering V_PRP_OLR silver
simmered V_PST_OLR simmer
simmered V_PSP_OLR simmer
simmered V_PAS_ODLR simmer
simmering V_PRP_OLR simmer
sinned V_PST_OLR sin
sinned V_PSP_OLR sin
sinned V_PAS_ODLR sin
sinning V_PRP_OLR sin
sioux N_PL_OLR sioux
sipped V_PST_OLR sip
sipped V_PSP_OLR sip
sipped V_PAS_ODLR sip
sipping V_PRP_OLR sip
skidded V_PST_OLR skid
skidded V_PSP_OLR skid
skidded V_PAS_ODLR skid
skidding V_PRP_OLR skid
skipped V_PST_OLR skip
skipped V_PSP_OLR skip
skipped V_PAS_ODLR skip
skipping V_PRP_OLR skip
skinned V_PST_OLR skin
skinned V_PSP_OLR skin
skinned V_PAS_ODLR skin
skinning V_PRP_OLR skin
skr N_PL_OLR skr
slackened V_PST_OLR slacken
slackened V_PSP_OLR slacken
slackened V_PAS_ODLR slacken
slackening V_PRP_OLR slacken
slapped V_PST_OLR slap
slapped V_PSP_OLR slap
slapped V_PAS_ODLR slap
slapping V_PRP_OLR slap
slaughtered V_PST_OLR slaughter
slaughtered V_PSP_OLR slaughter
slaughtered V_PAS_ODLR slaughter
slaughtering V_PRP_OLR slaughter
slavered V_PST_OLR slaver
slavered V_PSP_OLR slaver
slavered V_PAS_ODLR slaver
slavering V_PRP_OLR slaver
sledded V_PST_OLR sled
sledded V_PSP_OLR sled
sledded V_PAS_ODLR sled
sledding V_PRP_OLR sled
slept V_PST_OLR sleep
slept V_PSP_OLR sleep
slid V_PST_OLR slide
slid V_PSP_OLR slide
slid V_PAS_ODLR slide
slipped V_PST_OLR slip
slipped V_PSP_OLR slip
slipped V_PAS_ODLR slip
slipping V_PRP_OLR slip
slit V_PST_OLR slit
slit V_PSP_OLR slit
slit V_PAS_ODLR slit
slitting V_PRP_OLR slit
slithered V_PST_OLR slither
slithered V_PSP_OLR slither
slithered V_PAS_ODLR slither
slithering V_PRP_OLR slither
slopped V_PST_OLR slop
slopped V_PSP_OLR slop
slopped V_PAS_ODLR slop
slopping V_PRP_OLR slop
slotted V_PST_OLR slot
slotted V_PSP_OLR slot
slotted V_PAS_ODLR slot
slotting V_PRP_OLR slot
slovak N_PL_OLR slovak
slugged V_PST_OLR slug
slugged V_PSP_OLR slug
slugged V_PAS_ODLR slug
slugging V_PRP_OLR slug
slumbered V_PST_OLR slumber
slumbered V_PSP_OLR slumber
slumbered V_PAS_ODLR slumber
slumbering V_PRP_OLR slumber
slung V_PST_OLR sling
slung V_PSP_OLR sling
slung V_PAS_ODLR sling
slunk V_PST_OLR slink
slunk V_PSP_OLR slink
slurred V_PST_OLR slur
slurred V_PSP_OLR slur
slurred V_PAS_ODLR slur
slurring V_PRP_OLR slur
smelt V_PST_OLR smell
smelt V_PSP_OLR smell
smelt V_PAS_ODLR smell
smelled V_PST_OLR smell
smelled V_PSP_OLR smell
smelled V_PAS_ODLR smell
smoldered V_PST_OLR smolder
smoldered V_PSP_OLR smolder
smoldered V_PAS_ODLR smolder
smoldering V_PRP_OLR smolder
snagged V_PST_OLR snag
snagged V_PSP_OLR snag
snagged V_PAS_ODLR snag
snagging V_PRP_OLR snag
snapped V_PST_OLR snap
snapped V_PSP_OLR snap
snapped V_PAS_ODLR snap
snapping V_PRP_OLR snap
snickered V_PST_OLR snicker
snickered V_PSP_OLR snicker
snickered V_PAS_ODLR snicker
snickering V_PRP_OLR snicker
snorkeled V_PST_OLR snorkel
snorkeled V_PSP_OLR snorkel
snorkeled V_PAS_ODLR snorkel
snorkeling V_PRP_OLR snorkel
sobered V_PST_OLR sober
sobered V_PSP_OLR sober
sobered V_PAS_ODLR sober
sobering V_PRP_OLR sober
softened V_PST_OLR soften
softened V_PSP_OLR soften
softened V_PAS_ODLR soften
softening V_PRP_OLR soften
soldiery N_PL_OLR soldiery
sonys N_PL_OLR sony
sought V_PST_OLR seek
sought V_PSP_OLR seek
sought V_PAS_ODLR seek
solaria N_PL_OLR solarium
solariums N_PL_OLR solarium
sold V_PST_OLR sell
sold V_PSP_OLR sell
sold V_PAS_ODLR sell
sold V_PAS-DAT_ODLR sell
sopped V_PST_OLR sop
sopped V_PSP_OLR sop
sopped V_PAS_ODLR sop
sopping V_PRP_OLR sop
spacecraft N_PL_OLR spacecraft
spacecrafts N_PL_OLR spacecraft
spanish N_PL_OLR spanish
sparred V_PST_OLR spar
sparred V_PSP_OLR spar
sparring V_PRP_OLR spar
spat V_PST_OLR spit
spat V_PSP_OLR spit
spat V_PAS_ODLR spit
spitting V_PRP_OLR spit
species N_PL_OLR species
specifics N_PL_OLR specifics
spectra N_PL_OLR spectrum
sped V_PST_OLR speed
sped V_PSP_OLR speed
sped V_PAS_ODLR speed
spent V_PST_OLR spend
spent V_PSP_OLR spend
spent V_PAS_ODLR spend
sperm N_PL_OLR sperm
spiraled V_PST_OLR spiral
spiraled V_PSP_OLR spiral
spiraled V_PAS_ODLR spiral
spiraling V_PRP_OLR spiral
splattered V_PST_OLR splatter
splattered V_PSP_OLR splatter
splattered V_PAS_ODLR splatter
splattering V_PRP_OLR transfer
splintered V_PST_OLR splinter
splintered V_PSP_OLR splinter
splintered V_PAS_ODLR splinter
splintering V_PRP_OLR splinter
split V_PST_OLR split
split V_PSP_OLR split
split V_PAS_ODLR split
splitting V_PRP_OLR split
spoke V_PST_OLR speak
spoken V_PSP_OLR speak
spoken V_PAS_ODLR speak
spoken V_PAS-P_ODLR speak
spokesmen N_PL_OLR spokesman
sponsored V_PST_OLR sponsor
sponsored V_PSP_OLR sponsor
sponsored V_PAS_ODLR sponsor
sponsoring V_PRP_OLR sponsor
sportsmen N_PL_OLR sportsman
spotted V_PST_OLR spot
spotted V_PSP_OLR spot
spotted V_PAS_ODLR spot
spotting V_PRP_OLR spot
sprang V_PST_OLR spring
spread V_PST_OLR spread
spread V_PSP_OLR spread
spread V_PAS_ODLR spread
sprung V_PSP_OLR spring
sprung V_PAS_ODLR spring
spun V_PST_OLR spin
spun V_PSP_OLR spin
spun V_PAS_ODLR spin
spinning V_PRP_OLR spin
spurred V_PST_OLR spur
spurred V_PSP_OLR spur
spurred V_PAS_ODLR spur
spurring V_PRP_OLR spur
sputtered V_PST_OLR sputter
sputtered V_PSP_OLR sputter
sputtered V_PAS_ODLR sputter
sputtering V_PRP_OLR sputter
squandered V_PST_OLR squander
squandered V_PSP_OLR squander
squandered V_PAS_ODLR squander
squandering V_PRP_OLR squander
squatted V_PST_OLR squat
squatted V_PSP_OLR squat
squatting V_PRP_OLR squat
squids N_PL_OLR squid
squid N_PL_OLR squid
squirreled V_PST_OLR squirrel
squirreled V_PSP_OLR squirrel
squirreled V_PAS_ODLR squirrel
squirreling V_PRP_OLR squirrel
staffs N_PL_OLR staff
staff N_PL_OLR staff
staggered V_PST_OLR stagger
staggered V_PSP_OLR stagger
staggering V_PRP_OLR stagger
starred V_PST_OLR star
starred V_PSP_OLR star
starring V_PRP_OLR star
statesmen N_PL_OLR statesman
stateswomen N_PL_OLR stateswoman
statistics N_PL_OLR statistics
statuses N_PL_OLR status
stunk V_PSP_OLR stink
stank V_PST_OLR stink
steepened V_PST_OLR steepen
steepened V_PSP_OLR steepen
steepened V_PAS_ODLR steepen
steepening V_PRP_OLR steepen
stepped V_PST_OLR step
stepped V_PSP_OLR step
stepped V_PAS_ODLR step
stepping V_PRP_OLR step
sterling N_PL_OLR sterling
stiffened V_PST_OLR stiffen
stiffened V_PSP_OLR stiffen
stiffened V_PAS_ODLR stiffen
stiffening V_PRP_OLR stiffen
stigmata N_PL_OLR stigma
stimuli N_PL_OLR stimulus
stirred V_PST_OLR stir
stirred V_PSP_OLR stir
stirred V_PAS_ODLR stir
stirring V_PRP_OLR stir
stomachs N_PL_OLR stomach
stole V_PST_OLR steal
stolen V_PSP_OLR steal
stolen V_PAS_ODLR steal
stood V_PST_OLR stand
stood V_PSP_OLR stand
stopped V_PST_OLR stop
stopped V_PSP_OLR stop
stopped V_PAS_ODLR stop
stopping V_PRP_OLR stop
straightened V_PST_OLR straighten
straightened V_PSP_OLR straighten
straightened V_PAS_ODLR straighten
straightening V_PRP_OLR straighten
strapped V_PST_OLR strap
strapped V_PSP_OLR strap
strapped V_PAS_ODLR strap
strapping V_PRP_OLR strap
strata N_PL_OLR stratum
strengthened V_PST_OLR strengthen
strengthened V_PSP_OLR strengthen
strengthened V_PAS_ODLR strengthen
strengthening V_PRP_OLR strengthen
strewn V_PSP_OLR strew
strewn V_PAS_ODLR strew
stripped V_PST_OLR strip
stripped V_PSP_OLR strip
stripped V_PAS_ODLR strip
stripping V_PRP_OLR strip
strived V_PST_OLR strive
striven V_PSP_OLR strive
strode V_PST_OLR stride
strode V_PSP_OLR stride
strong N_PL_OLR strong
stropped V_PST_OLR strop
stropped V_PSP_OLR strop
stropped V_PAS_ODLR strop
stropping V_PRP_OLR strop
strove V_PST_OLR strive
struck V_PST_OLR strike
struck V_PSP_OLR strike
struck V_PAS_ODLR strike
strummed V_PST_OLR strum
strummed V_PSP_OLR strum
strummed V_PAS_ODLR strum
strumming V_PRP_OLR strum
strung V_PST_OLR string
strung V_PSP_OLR string
strung V_PAS_ODLR string
stuck V_PST_OLR stick
stuck V_PSP_OLR stick
stuck V_PAS_ODLR stick
studded V_PST_OLR stud
studded V_PSP_OLR stud
studded V_PAS_ODLR stud
studding V_PRP_OLR stud
stung V_PST_OLR sting
stung V_PSP_OLR sting
stung V_PAS_ODLR sting
stunned V_PST_OLR stun
stunned V_PSP_OLR stun
stunned V_PAS_ODLR stun
stunning V_PRP_OLR stun
subgenera N_PL_OLR subgenus
substrata N_PL_OLR substratum
submitted V_PST_OLR submit
submitted V_PSP_OLR submit
submitted V_PAS_ODLR submit
submitting V_PRP_OLR submit
suffered V_PST_OLR suffer
suffered V_PSP_OLR suffer
suffering V_PRP_OLR suffer
sugared V_PST_OLR sugar
sugared V_PSP_OLR sugar
sugared V_PAS_ODLR sugar
sugaring V_PRP_OLR sugar
summed V_PST_OLR sum
summed V_PSP_OLR sum
summed V_PAS_ODLR sum
summing V_PRP_OLR sum
summered V_PST_OLR summer
summered V_PSP_OLR summer
summered V_PAS_ODLR summer
summering V_PRP_OLR summer
summoned V_PST_OLR summon
summoned V_PSP_OLR summon
summoned V_PAS_ODLR summon
summoning V_PRP_OLR summon
summons N_PL_OLR summons
sundered V_PST_OLR sunder
sundered V_PSP_OLR sunder
sundered V_PAS_ODLR sunder
sundering V_PRP_OLR sunder
sung V_PSP_OLR sing
sung V_PAS_ODLR sing
sung V_PAS-DAT_ODLR sing
sung V_PAS-P_ODLR sing
sunk V_PSP_OLR sink
sunk V_PAS_ODLR sink
sunned V_PST_OLR sun
sunned V_PSP_OLR sun
sunned V_PAS_ODLR sun
sunning V_PRP_OLR sun
superficies N_PL_OLR superficies
superheroes N_PL_OLR superhero
surpluses N_PL_OLR surplus
surrendered V_PST_OLR surrender
surrendered V_PSP_OLR surrender
surrendered V_PAS_ODLR surrender
surrendering V_PRP_OLR surrender
swam V_PST_OLR swim
swaggered V_PST_OLR swagger
swaggered V_PSP_OLR swagger
swaggered V_PAS_ODLR swagger
swaggering V_PRP_OLR swagger
swapped V_PST_OLR swap
swapped V_PSP_OLR swap
swapped V_PAS_ODLR swap
swapping V_PRP_OLR swap
swedish N_PL_OLR swedish
sweltered V_PST_OLR swelter
sweltered V_PSP_OLR swelter
sweltered V_PAS_ODLR swelter
sweltering V_PRP_OLR swelter
swept V_PST_OLR sweep
swept V_PSP_OLR sweep
swept V_PAS_ODLR sweep
swigged V_PST_OLR swig
swigged V_PSP_OLR swig
swigged V_PAS_ODLR swig
swigging V_PRP_OLR swig
swiss N_PL_OLR swiss
swiveled V_PST_OLR swivel
swiveled V_PSP_OLR swivel
swiveled V_PAS_ODLR swivel
swiveling V_PRP_OLR swivel
swollen V_PSP_OLR swell
swollen V_PAS_ODLR swell
swore V_PST_OLR swear
sworn V_PSP_OLR swear
sworn V_PAS_ODLR swear
sworn V_PAS-CP_ODLR swear
swung V_PSP_OLR swing
swung V_PAS_ODLR swing
swung V_PST_OLR swing
swum V_PSP_OLR swim
synopses N_PL_OLR synopsis
syntheses N_PL_OLR synthesis
tabs N_PL_OLR tabs
tagged V_PST_OLR tag
tagged V_PSP_OLR tag
tagged V_PAS_ODLR tag
tagging V_PRP_OLR tag
tailored V_PST_OLR tailor
tailored V_PSP_OLR tailor
tailored V_PAS_ODLR tailor
tailoring V_PRP_OLR tailor
taiwanese N_PL_OLR taiwanese
taken V_PSP_OLR take
taken V_PAS_ODLR take
taken V_PAS-DAT_ODLR take
tampered V_PST_OLR tamper
tampered V_PSP_OLR tamper
tampered V_PAS_ODLR tamper
tampering V_PRP_OLR tamper
tapered V_PST_OLR taper
tapered V_PSP_OLR taper
tapered V_PAS_ODLR taper
tapering V_PRP_OLR taper
tapped V_PST_OLR tap
tapped V_PSP_OLR tap
tapped V_PAS_ODLR tap
tapping V_PRP_OLR tap
tarred V_PST_OLR tar
tarred V_PSP_OLR tar
tarred V_PAS_ODLR tar
tarring V_PRP_OLR tar
taught V_PST_OLR teach
taught V_PSP_OLR teach
taught V_PAS_ODLR teach
taught V_PAS-DAT_ODLR teach
teetered V_PST_OLR teeter
teetered V_PSP_OLR teeter
teetered V_PAS_ODLR teeter
teetering V_PRP_OLR teeter
teeth N_PL_OLR tooth
telesales N_PL_OLR telesales
telnetted V_PST_OLR telnet
telnetted V_PSP_OLR telnet
telnetted V_PAS_ODLR telnet
telnetting V_PRP_OLR telnet
tempered V_PST_OLR temper
tempered V_PSP_OLR temper
tempered V_PAS_ODLR temper
tempering V_PRP_OLR temper
tendered V_PST_OLR tender
tendered V_PSP_OLR tender
tendered V_PAS_ODLR tender
tendering V_PRP_OLR tender
testes N_PL_OLR testis
thermoses N_PL_OLR thermos
theses N_PL_OLR thesis
thickened V_PST_OLR thicken
thickened V_PSP_OLR thicken
thickened V_PAS_ODLR thicken
thickening V_PRP_OLR thicken
thieves N_PL_OLR thief
thinned V_PST_OLR thin
thinned V_PSP_OLR thin
thinned V_PAS_ODLR thin
thinning V_PRP_OLR thin
thought V_PST_OLR think
thought V_PSP_OLR think
thought V_PAS_ODLR think
thought V_PAS-P_ODLR think
thought V_PAS-CP_ODLR think
thousands N_PL_OLR thousands
threatened V_PST_OLR threaten
threatened V_PSP_OLR threaten
threatened V_PAS_ODLR threaten
threatening V_PRP_OLR threaten
threw V_PST_OLR throw
throve V_PST_OLR thrive
thrived V_PST_OLR thrive
thrown V_PSP_OLR throw
thrown V_PAS_ODLR throw
thrust V_PST_OLR thrust
thrust V_PSP_OLR thrust
thrust V_PAS_ODLR thrust
thu N_PL_OLR thu
thudded V_PST_OLR thud
thudded V_PSP_OLR thud
thudded V_PAS_ODLR thud
thudding V_PRP_OLR thud
thundered V_PST_OLR thunder
thundered V_PSP_OLR thunder
thundered V_PAS_ODLR thunder
thundering V_PRP_OLR thunder
tightened V_PST_OLR tighten
tightened V_PSP_OLR tighten
tightened V_PAS_ODLR tighten
tightening V_PRP_OLR tighten
tipped V_PST_OLR tip
tipped V_PSP_OLR tip
tipped V_PAS_ODLR tip
tipping V_PRP_OLR tip
tobogganed V_PST_OLR toboggan
tobogganed V_PSP_OLR toboggan
tobogganed V_PAS_ODLR toboggan
tobogganing V_PRP_OLR toboggan
told V_PST_OLR tell
told V_PSP_OLR tell
told V_PAS_ODLR tell
told V_PAS-CP_ODLR tell
told V_PAS-DAT_ODLR tell
tomatoes N_PL_OLR tomato
took V_PST_OLR take
topped V_PST_OLR top
topped V_PSP_OLR top
topped V_PAS_ODLR top
topping V_PRP_OLR top
tore V_PST_OLR tear
torn V_PSP_OLR tear
torn V_PAS_ODLR tear
torpedoes N_PL_OLR torpedo
totaled V_PST_OLR total
totaled V_PSP_OLR total
totaled V_PAS_ODLR total
totaling V_PRP_OLR total
tottered V_PST_OLR totter
tottered V_PSP_OLR totter
tottered V_PAS_ODLR totter
tottering V_PRP_OLR totter
toweled V_PST_OLR towel
toweled V_PSP_OLR towel
toweled V_PAS_ODLR towel
toweling V_PRP_OLR towel
towered V_PST_OLR tower
towered V_PSP_OLR tower
towering V_PRP_OLR tower
tradesmen N_PL_OLR tradesman
trafficking V_PST_OLR traffic
trafficked V_PSP_OLR traffic
trafficking V_PRP_OLR traffic
transferred V_PST_OLR transfer
transferred V_PSP_OLR transfer
transferred V_PAS_ODLR transfer
transferring V_PRP_OLR transfer
transfered V_PST_OLR transfer
transfered V_PSP_OLR transfer
transfered V_PAS_ODLR transfer
transfering V_PRP_OLR transfer
transmitted V_PST_OLR transmit
transmitted V_PSP_OLR transmit
transmitted V_PAS_ODLR transmit
transmitting V_PRP_OLR transmit
trapped V_PST_OLR trap
trapped V_PSP_OLR trap
trapped V_PAS_ODLR trap
trapping V_PRP_OLR trap
trashmen N_PL_OLR trashman
traveled V_PST_OLR travel
traveled V_PSP_OLR travel
traveling V_PRP_OLR travel
travelled V_PST_OLR travel
travelled V_PSP_OLR travel
travelling V_PRP_OLR travel
trekked V_PST_OLR trek
trekked V_PSP_OLR trek
trekking V_PRP_OLR trek
triggered V_PST_OLR trigger
triggered V_PSP_OLR trigger
triggered V_PAS_ODLR trigger
triggering V_PRP_OLR trigger
trillions N_PL_OLR trillions
tripped V_PST_OLR trip
tripped V_PSP_OLR trip
tripped V_PAS_ODLR trip
tripping V_PRP_OLR trip
trod V_PAS_ODLR tread
trod V_PST_OLR tread
trod V_PSP_OLR tread
trodden V_PAS_ODLR tread
trodden V_PST_OLR tread
trodden V_PSP_OLR tread
trotted V_PST_OLR trot
trotted V_PSP_OLR trot
trotted V_PAS_ODLR trot
trotting V_PRP_OLR trot
trout N_PL_OLR trout
tsunami N_PL_OLR tsunami
tsunamis N_PL_OLR tsunami
tugged V_PST_OLR tug
tugged V_PSP_OLR tug
tugged V_PAS_ODLR tug
tugging V_PRP_OLR tug
tuna N_PL_OLR tuna
tunnyfish N_PL_OLR tunnyfish
tunneling V_PRP_OLR tunnel
tutored V_PST_OLR tutor
tutored V_PSP_OLR tutor
tutored V_PAS_ODLR tutor
tutoring V_PRP_OLR tutor
twigged V_PST_OLR twig
twigged V_PSP_OLR twig
twigging V_PRP_OLR twig
twinned V_PST_OLR twin
twinned V_PSP_OLR twin
twinned V_PAS_ODLR twin
unborn N_PL_OLR unborn
uncovered V_PST_OLR uncover
uncovered V_PSP_OLR uncover
uncovered V_PAS_ODLR uncover
uncovering V_PRP_OLR uncover
underpaid V_PST_OLR underpay
underpaid V_PSP_OLR underpay
underpaid V_PAS_ODLR underpay
underpaid V_PAS-DAT_ODLR underpay
underpinned V_PST_OLR underpin
underpinned V_PSP_OLR underpin
underpinned V_PAS_ODLR underpin
underpinning V_PRP_OLR underpin
understood V_PST_OLR understand
understood V_PSP_OLR understand
understood V_PAS_ODLR understand
understood V_PAS-CP_ODLR understand
undertaken V_PSP_OLR undertake
undertaken V_PAS_ODLR undertake
undertook V_PST_OLR undertake
underwritten V_PSP_OLR underwrite
underwritten V_PAS_ODLR underwrite
underwrote V_PST_OLR underwrite
underwent V_PST_OLR undergo
undergone V_PSP_OLR undergo
underlay V_PST_OLR underlie
underlaid V_PSP_OLR underlie
undid V_PST_OLR undo
undone V_PSP_OLR undo
undone V_PAS_ODLR undo
unemployed N_PL_OLR unemployed
unfastened V_PAS_ODLR unfasten
unfastened V_PST_OLR unfasten
unfastened V_PSP_OLR unfasten
unfastening V_PRP_OLR unfasten
upheld V_PST_OLR uphold
upheld V_PSP_OLR uphold
upheld V_PAS_ODLR uphold
upholstered V_PST_OLR upholster
upholstered V_PSP_OLR upholster
upholstered V_PAS_ODLR upholster
upholstering V_PRP_OLR upholster
uplands N_PL_OLR uplands
upset V_PST_OLR upset
upset V_PSP_OLR upset
upset V_PAS_ODLR upset
upsetting V_PRP_OLR upset
upstairs N_PL_OLR upstairs
usd N_PL_OLR usd
ushered V_PST_OLR usher
ushered V_PSP_OLR usher
ushered V_PAS_ODLR usher
ushering V_PRP_OLR usher
uttered V_PST_OLR utter
uttered V_PSP_OLR utter
uttered V_PAS_ODLR utter
uttering V_PRP_OLR utter
vectored V_PST_OLR vector
vectored V_PSP_OLR vector
vectored V_PAS_ODLR vector
vectoring V_PRP_OLR vector
vetoes V_3S-FIN_OLR veto
vetted V_PST_OLR vet
vetted V_PSP_OLR vet
vetted V_PAS_ODLR vet
vetting V_PRP_OLR vet
vietnamese N_PL_OLR vietnamese
villaloboses N_PL_OLR villalobos
viruses N_PL_OLR virus
visited V_PST_OLR visit
visited V_PSP_OLR visit
visited V_PAS_ODLR visit
visiting V_PRP_OLR visit
wagered V_PST_OLR wager
wagered V_PSP_OLR wager
wagered V_PAS_ODLR wager
wagering V_PRP_OLR wager
wagged V_PST_OLR wag
wagged V_PSP_OLR wag
wagged V_PAS_ODLR wag
wagging V_PRP_OLR wag
wallpapered V_PST_OLR wallpaper
wallpapered V_PSP_OLR wallpaper
wallpapered V_PAS_ODLR wallpaper
wallpapering V_PRP_OLR wallpaper
walruses N_PL_OLR walrus
wandered V_PST_OLR wander
wandered V_PSP_OLR wander
wandering V_PRP_OLR wander
warred V_PST_OLR war
warred V_PSP_OLR war
warring V_PRP_OLR war
watered V_PST_OLR water
watered V_PSP_OLR water
watered V_PAS_ODLR water
watering V_PRP_OLR water
weak N_PL_OLR weak
weakened V_PAS_ODLR weaken
weakened V_PST_OLR weaken
weakened V_PSP_OLR weaken
weakening V_PRP_OLR weaken
wealthy N_PL_OLR wealthy
weathered V_PST_OLR weather
weathered V_PSP_OLR weather
weathered V_PAS_ODLR weather
weathering V_PRP_OLR weather
weaved V_PST_OLR weave
weaved V_PSP_OLR weave
weaved V_PAS_ODLR weave
weaved V_PAS-DAT_ODLR weave
wed V_PST_OLR wed
wed V_PSP_OLR wed
wed V_PAS_ODLR wed
wedding V_PRP_OLR wed
went V_PST_OLR go
wept V_PST_OLR weep
wept V_PSP_OLR weep
wet V_PST_OLR wet
wet V_PSP_OLR wet
wetted V_PST_OLR wet
wetted V_PSP_OLR wet
wetting V_PRP_OLR wet
wharves N_PL_OLR wharf
whereabouts N_PL_OLR whereabouts
whipped V_PST_OLR whip
whipped V_PSP_OLR whip
whipped V_PAS_ODLR whip
whipping V_PRP_OLR whip
whispered V_PST_OLR whisper
whispered V_PSP_OLR whisper
whispering V_PRP_OLR whisper
whitened V_PST_OLR whiten
whitened V_PSP_OLR whiten
whitened V_PAS_ODLR whiten
whitening V_PRP_OLR whiten
whizzes V_3S-FIN_OLR whiz
whizzes N_PL_OLR whiz
whizzed V_PST_OLR whiz
whizzed V_PSP_OLR whiz
whizzing V_PRP_OLR whiz
widened V_PST_OLR widen
widened V_PSP_OLR widen
widened V_PAS_ODLR widen
widening V_PRP_OLR widen
wild N_PL_OLR wild
wilds N_PL_OLR wild
wintered V_PST_OLR winter
wintered V_PSP_OLR winter
wintered V_PAS_ODLR winter
wintering V_PRP_OLR winter
withdrawn V_PSP_OLR withdraw
withdrew V_PST_OLR withdraw
withdrawn V_PAS_ODLR withdraw
withheld V_PSP_OLR withhold
withheld V_PST_OLR withhold
withheld V_PAS_ODLR withhold
withstood V_PSP_OLR withstand
withstood V_PST_OLR withstand
withstood V_PAS_ODLR withstand
wives N_PL_OLR wife
woke V_PST_OLR wake
woken V_PSP_OLR wake
wolves N_PL_OLR wolf
women N_PL_OLR woman
won V_PST_OLR win
won V_PSP_OLR win
won V_PAS_ODLR win
winning V_PRP_OLR win
wondered V_PST_OLR wonder
wondered V_PSP_OLR wonder
wondering V_PRP_OLR wonder
wore V_PST_OLR wear
workmen N_PL_OLR workman
worn V_PSP_OLR wear
worn V_PAS_ODLR wear
worsened V_PAS_ODLR worsen
worsened V_PST_OLR worsen
worsened V_PSP_OLR worsen
worsening V_PRP_OLR worsen
worshipped V_PST_OLR worship
worshipped V_PSP_OLR worship
worshipped V_PAS_ODLR worship
worshipping V_PRP_OLR worship
wound V_PSP_OLR wind
wound V_PST_OLR wind
wound V_PAS_ODLR wind
wounded N_PL_OLR wounded
winded V_PSP_OLR wind
winded V_PST_OLR wind
winded V_PAS_ODLR wind
wove V_PST_OLR weave
woven V_PSP_OLR weave
woven V_PAS_ODLR weave
woven V_PAS-DAT_ODLR weave
wrapped V_PST_OLR wrap
wrapped V_PSP_OLR wrap
wrapped V_PAS_ODLR wrap
wrapping V_PRP_OLR wrap
written V_PSP_OLR write
written V_PAS_ODLR write
written V_PAS-CP_ODLR write
written V_PAS-DAT_ODLR write
written V_PAS-P_ODLR write
wrote V_PST_OLR write
wrought V_PST_OLR wreak
wrought V_PSP_OLR wreak
wrought V_PAS_ODLR wreak
wrung V_PST_OLR wring
wrung V_PSP_OLR wring
wrung V_PAS_ODLR wring
yakked V_PST_OLR yak
yakked V_PSP_OLR yak
yakked V_PAS_ODLR yak
yakking V_PRP_OLR yak
yakuza N_PL_OLR yakuza
yapped V_PST_OLR yap
yapped V_PSP_OLR yap
yapped V_PAS_ODLR yap
yapping V_PRP_OLR yap
yen N_PL_OLR yen
young N_PL_OLR young
youth N_PL_OLR youth
youths N_PL_OLR youth
yrs. N_PL_OLR yrs.
yuan N_PL_OLR yuan
zapped V_PST_OLR zap
zapped V_PSP_OLR zap
zapped V_PAS_ODLR zap
zapping V_PRP_OLR zap
zigzagged V_PST_OLR zigzag
zigzagged V_PSP_OLR zigzag
zigzagged V_PAS_ODLR zigzag
zigzagging V_PRP_OLR zigzag
zipped V_PST_OLR zip
zipped V_PSP_OLR zip
zipped V_PAS_ODLR zip
zipping V_PRP_OLR zip
100s N_PL_OLR 100s
' N_PL_OLR '
| N_PL_OLR |
bjørndalstindane N_PL_OLR bjørndalstindane
fjordane N_PL_OLR fjordane
galdane N_PL_OLR galdane
holåtindane N_PL_OLR holåtindane
holåtinder N_PL_OLR holåtinder
høgvagltindane N_PL_OLR høgvagltindane
raudalstindane N_PL_OLR raudalstindane
rondane N_PL_OLR rondane
skagastølstindane N_PL_OLR skagastølstindane
skagastølstinder N_PL_OLR skagastølstinder
smørstabbtindane N_PL_OLR smørstabbtindane
smørstabbtinder N_PL_OLR smørstabbtinder
styggedalstindane N_PL_OLR styggedalstindane
styggedalstinder N_PL_OLR styggedalstinder
stølsnostindane N_PL_OLR stølsnostindane
torfinnstindane N_PL_OLR torfinnstindane
uradalstindane N_PL_OLR uradalstindane
vardane N_PL_OLR vardane
visbretindane N_PL_OLR visbretindane
young N_PL_OLR young
figs. N_PL_OLR fig.
h N_PL_OLR h
h. N_PL_OLR h.
m N_PL_OLR m
m. N_PL_OLR m.
mm N_PL_OLR mm
mm. N_PL_OLR mm.
nm N_PL_OLR nm
nm. N_PL_OLR nm.
µm N_PL_OLR µm
µm. N_PL_OLR µm.
ns N_PL_OLR ns
ns. N_PL_OLR ns.
cm N_PL_OLR cm
cm. N_PL_OLR cm.
da N_PL_OLR da
da. N_PL_OLR da.
db N_PL_OLR db
db. N_PL_OLR db.
kda N_PL_OLR kda
kda. N_PL_OLR kda.
kg N_PL_OLR kg
kg. N_PL_OLR kg.
mg N_PL_OLR mg
mg. N_PL_OLR mg.
ng N_PL_OLR ng
ng. N_PL_OLR ng.
pg N_PL_OLR pg
pg. N_PL_OLR pg.
µg N_PL_OLR µg
µg. N_PL_OLR µg.
km N_PL_OLR km
km. N_PL_OLR km.
kms N_PL_OLR km
kms. N_PL_OLR km.
km2 N_PL_OLR km2
mbps N_PL_OLR mbps
mbps. N_PL_OLR mbps.
kbps N_PL_OLR kbps
kbps. N_PL_OLR kbps.
kcal N_PL_OLR kcal
kcal. N_PL_OLR kcal.
kv N_PL_OLR kv
kv. N_PL_OLR kv.
kj N_PL_OLR kj
kj. N_PL_OLR kj.
ma N_PL_OLR ma
ma. N_PL_OLR ma.
hz N_PL_OLR hz
hz. N_PL_OLR hz.
mhz N_PL_OLR mhz
mhz. N_PL_OLR mhz.
ghz N_PL_OLR ghz
ghz. N_PL_OLR ghz.
lb N_PL_OLR lb
lb. N_PL_OLR lb.
qt N_PL_OLR qt
qt. N_PL_OLR qt.
ppm N_PL_OLR ppm
ppm. N_PL_OLR ppm.
cts. N_PL_OLR cts.
refs. N_PL_OLR refs.
nt N_PL_OLR nt
nt. N_PL_OLR nt.
_v N_PL_OLR _v
_v. N_PL_OLR _v.
v N_PL_OLR v
v. N_PL_OLR v.
ph N_PL_OLR ph
ph. N_PL_OLR ph.
l N_PL_OLR l
l. N_PL_OLR l.
º N_PL_OLR º
° N_PL_OLR °
ºC. N_PL_OLR ºC.
°C. N_PL_OLR °C.
ºF. N_PL_OLR ºF.
°F. N_PL_OLR °F.
nevermatchform N_PL_OLR oscarcompound
nevermatchform N_PL_OLR oscarreaction
oscarreaction V_PST_OLR oscarreaction
oscarreaction V_PSP_OLR oscarreaction
oscarreaction V_PRP_OLR oscarreaction
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR aches
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ached
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR aching
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR act
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR acts
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR acted
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR acting
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ally
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR buff
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR buffs
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR buffed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR buffing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR call
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR calls
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR called
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR calling
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR capitulate
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR capitulates
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR capitulated
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR capitulating
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cede
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cedes
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ceded
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ceding
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cite
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cites
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cited
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR citing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR claim
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR claims
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR claimed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR claiming
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR commend
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR commends
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR commended
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR commending
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cord
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cords
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR corded
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cording
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cover
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR covers
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR covered
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR covering
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cycle
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cycles
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cycled
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR cycling
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR deem
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR deems
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR deemed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR deeming
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR double
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR doubles
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR doubled
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR doubling
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fine
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fines
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fined
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fining
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fund
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR funds
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR funded
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR funding
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fuse
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fuses
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fused
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR fusing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR gain
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR gains
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR gained
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR gaining
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR iterate
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR iterates
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR iterated
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR iterating
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lay
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lays
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR layed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR laying
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR live
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lives
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lived
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR living
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lies
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lied
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR lying
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR mind
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR minds
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR minded
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR minding
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR move
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR moves
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR moved
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR moving
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pair
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pairs
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR paired
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pairing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pay
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pays
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR payed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR paying
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR peal
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR peals
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pealed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pealing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR place
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR places
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR placed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR placing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ply
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR plies
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR plied
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR plying
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR port
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ports
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ported
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR porting
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR pose
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR poses
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR posed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR posing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR present
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR presents
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR presented
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR presenting
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR produce
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR produces
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR produced
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR producing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR search
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR searchs
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR searched
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR searching
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR serve
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR serves
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR served
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR serving
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR side
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sides
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sided
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR siding
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sign
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR signs
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR signed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR signing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR size
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sizes
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sized
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sizing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR source
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sources
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sourced
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR sourcing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR store
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR stores
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR stored
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR storing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR strain
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR strains
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR strained
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR straining
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR structure
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR structures
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR structured
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR structuring
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tail
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tails
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tailed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tailing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tire
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tires
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tired
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR tiring
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR treat
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR treats
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR treated
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR treating
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR turn
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR turns
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR turned
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR turning
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR verse
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR verses
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR versed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR versing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR view
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR views
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR viewed
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR viewing
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR ward
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR wards
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR warded
nevermatchform V_V-RE_DLR warding
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR aches
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR ached
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR aching
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR cede
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR cedes
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR ceded
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR ceding
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR dispose
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR disposes
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR disposed
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR disposing
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR dominate
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR dominates
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR dominated
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR dominating
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR face
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR faces
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR faced
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR facing
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR occupy
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR occupies
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR occupied
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR occupying
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR pare
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR pares
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR pared
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR paring
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR scribe
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR scribes
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR scribed
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR scribing
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR sent
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR serve
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR serves
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR served
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR serving
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR side
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR sides
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR sided
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR siding
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR suppose
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR supposes
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR supposed
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR supposing
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR tend
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR tends
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR tended
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR tending
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR vent
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR vents
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR vented
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR venting
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR view
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR views
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR viewed
nevermatchform V_V-PRE_DLR viewing
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR opt
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR opts
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR opted
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR opting
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR founder
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR founders
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR foundered
nevermatchform V_V-CO_DLR foundering