HG2002: Semantics and Pragmatics

Assignment 1: Lexical Semantic Analysis with a Semantic Network

This is an group assignment for HG2002 consisting of three parts:

  1. Annotate (on your own) All open class words in a short section of text (by 23:59 Oct 3rd). In this phase please do not discuss your annotations with each other.
  2. Compare your annotations with one other annotator and a machine's results and make any changes you consider necessary (you should discuss with your partner). Partners are randomly assigned.
  3. Write a group paper of six to eight pages describing your results (by 17:00 Oct 31st)

It is worth 30% of your total mark. You will be marked on the accuracy of your annotation and the quality of your write-up.

Semantic Analysis Phase 1: Annotation

Semantic Analysis Phase 2: Comparison

Phase 3: Write up


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